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3 Things I Have Learned From Murray

A while back I wrote a post on what I had learned about Piper, so it's probably fitting I do the same for Murray.  While Piper challenged me in just about every way possible, Murray has challenged me too, but in different ways.  I know there are, and will be, more to learn from Murray, but a certain few things stand out. 

The biggest, most surprising thing I have leaned from Murray is the depth of love between a person and a dog.  I have owned several dogs in my life, and I have loved them all, but there is something special between Murray and myself.  I swear he is my dog soul mate.  There is not a lot I can say to get this sentiment across sufficiently, so I am not going to try, other than to say he is a crucial part of my life.
Murray has forced me to try to be a calmer, less reactive person.  During times when he perceives me to be upset or angry, he gets extremely nervous.  We have raised Murray from 8 weeks old and he has really never been yelled at and no one has ever put a hand on him, but the stress he shows when he knows I am upset would make someone think otherwise.  He and I are very bonded, so I have decided he just cannot stand to see me upset.  He wants and tries to make it better.  He cuddles with me, licks my face, paws me and won't leave my side.  In return I don't like to see Murray feel like that, so I have worked to become more peaceful and even keel (not that I was crazy or anything LOL).  He is also very sensitive to the word "bad".  We have to spell it out because he will hear it, even in the middle of a sentence.  We don't even have to use the word in reference to him (come on, he's never bad), if he hears it in conversation, or maybe in reference to his brother, Piper, his head drops and he sulks to his bed.  It's very "sad"...which, by the way, is a word he confuses for bad too!

 Easy Going
Finally, Murray has taught me to be more easy going.  He is the kind of dog that doesn't "complain" about anything.  I don't think I have ever heard him whine, whimper or bark in complaint (I think I would die if I did).  When he doesn't want to do something, he gives in very easily with his head down as if to say "just get it over with".  I'm referring to things like grooming or bathing times.  He's never a problem.  While he doesn't like these things, he always wants to please us, so to him I think it's non-negotiable.  I think he would do anything for us.

Thank You Murray!  We Love You To Pieces!   



  1. Those are some grat things to have come from your little guy. I love that brings you into a calmer place. That is just so special.

  2. Sounds like Murray is a great dog. Until a person has a relationship with a dog like that they just can't understand.

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Murray is a pawesome dog :) And yep, love between a human and dog is great :)

  4. Wow, I thought that Murray was an awesome pup, but after hearing all of those wonderful things...he's even more amazing! :-) I'm very glad that you both found each other!! <3

  5. What a really nice post. Have a great Saturday all of you.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Murray is a wonderful dog to understand you so much. Thats what we are around for, we make THEM happy and they make us happy!!!

    Your Furends
    Susie & recliner Bites

  7. I know there will even more to learn in years to come :)


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