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We Love a Good Dog Store!

On our recent trip to Cape Cod something was strongly confirmed for love of a good dog specialty store!  I found myself searching online for any and every dog store in all of Cape Cod.  I have done this regularly at home, wanting to be in the know about any new store opening, but Cape Cod gave me new, uncharted territory and opportunities!  Now, I like to shop in any kind of store, but there is something special  that gets me very excited about a dog store.  There is such and array of items, from t-shirts for people to shoes for dogs!  Many of them have a bakery within, to entice the four legged customers that stroll through.  I love looking through the different styles of leashes, toys and home decor, and I find that I want to FILL my basket along the way.  I love larger chain stores like PetSmart and Petco too, but a small town boutique is where you can find a dog item you never knew existed.  If you have not been in many small dog specialty stores, I strongly encourage you to visit one or two.  Be prepared to spend some time (and money) because you'll be amazed at everything that exists for our furry friends.  I have linked some of my local shops as well as the cool ones I found in Cape Cod.  I believe you can order online from any of these shops as well, so ENJOY!


  1. Whoa, there's a ton of specialty doggie stores in Cape Cod! We'll have to check them out if we visit! I (personally) love a small town pet some delicious cookies last time I went! :-D

  2. I have never been to sloppy kisses, I will have to stop and look around :)

  3. We only have chains around us. My peeps need to go to specialty stores because they love to buy us presents!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Oh wow, those are a lot of different specialty stores! Cape Cod is so wonderful!

  5. And very dog friendly most places you go!


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