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It's Not a Diet...It's a Lifestyle Change

We're not waiting for Monday to start our new health program in our house.  We have become lazy and overweight and need to get a grip NOW!  This is my vow to my dogs that we will eat less (and better) and get more exercise!

The Food Plan: I don't plan to feed any type of weight loss dog food.  Our vet did not recommend it.  He said it mainly causes a lot of "elimination".  He, and we, believe we can control calories using our current dog food.  I also don't think we are over feeding our dogs at meals.  I think our main issue with food is in the "treat" department.  I want to cut back on milkbones, not cut out, and incorporate some low calorie treat options like carrots.  I even want to start making some of my own homemade low calorie treats.  We do feed a small amount (about 1/4 can) of wet canned food during the dinnertime meal.  I want to gradually move to a homemade wet option for this meal.  Something human grade and fresh.   I am also someone who feeds my dog safe human food too often from our dinner scraps.  I plan to cut this to a minimum as well and only give them what I prepare just for them.  I assume this will be a work in progress, but we'll get there!

The Exercise Plan: It is a very hot summer in our area right now.  Our dogs get far fewer walks this time of year unfortunately.  I think I can squeak some more exercise out of them later in the evenings when the sun goes down though.  I plan to play for a bit outside with them, where their kiddie pool is standing by when needed.  Neither of our boys loves to play fetch for any length of time, but as long as I am wandering around the yard, so will they.  One game they never tire of is chasing a laser red light.  Usually these are marketed for cats, but my dogs LOVE this game!  I just have to be sure I don't run them into a tree!  (If anyone plans to try one, just be careful not to shine it in the dog's face)

Wish us luck!  We'll keep you posted!


  1. Green Beans!
    Green Beans!!
    Green Beans!!!

    They are an inkhredible lifestyle changing food - and tasty too!

    Good lukhk!


  2. YES! Thank you! I forgot about green beans!


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