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What's That?!

Can you see that thing in the water? It's a little zippy boat! I want to get it!  

6 Senior Dog Tips

1. Consider what the best diet is for your aging pup.  Often seniors function better on a lower protein food so as not to over stress the kidneys.
2. Ask your vet about conducting a senior blood panel to find and possibly treat early, any sneaky ailments.
3. Consider increasing your vet checkups to twice a year, rather than just annually, to catch things early when they're more treatable.
4. Continue to prevent fleas and ticks. 
5. Adjust exercise levels to suit your dog.  Aging dogs tire faster and stiffen more easily.
6. Glucosamine/ Chondroitin can be a great supplement to add to a senior dog's diet to help with stiffness.

Happy Father's Day!

Wishing our dad, and all dads, a very happy Father's Day weekend! :)

Getting Big!

My mom's pup Georgie is growing fast!  Had to post a side by side.  

Thank You!

Thank YOU for all the sweet birthday messages!  I had a great day and am not the least bit bummed to be another year older.  I have a great life and I love every second of it :)  Here's a pic of me before I devoured my cake.  It was delish!

Murray's 8th Birthday Letter

My loveable Murray... You are an 85 pound, now 8 year old, crazy haired pile of love with so much happiness inside.  I love your constant happiness...and how every morning you act like you so badly want to snuggle and sleep in, and then you can't resist the cats running by the bedroom door so you pounce from your pretend sleep!  I even love how you bark at every single sound you hear...every. single. sound.  I love how you jump in excitement at every creature we pass on a walk.  I love how you are sweet and welcoming to dog visitors at our house.  I love how you look up to your brother Piper...and sometimes annoy the crap out of him.  I love your nickname, "Boom" you earned after you fell off our bed while sleeping one night.   You make us so happy!  I love that if I hug you, you literally place your head on my shoulder...and I KNOW you're hugging me back.  I love to throw a frisbee for you.  You have so much fun with that.  Although trying to get you to give the fr…

Dogs Are The Best

Dogs are the best...
*Dogs don't talk back...or talk at all! *Dogs don't judge you. *Dogs know when you need them close by. *Dogs don't get mad at you. *Dogs don't care how your look. *Dogs are happy just being with you. *Dogs are fun. *Dogs love...all. the. time. *Dogs are furry and warm to snuggle with....and they cuddle back. *Dogs don't steal the remote. *YOU are your dogs best friend.  Never forget!