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A Murray Tip

If you've ever been at your wits end with how to get your dog's medicine down if they are flat out refusing to ear all food due to whatever illness they are battling, try canned cat food.  A couple years ago Murray's stomach was so upset from an illness that he out and out refused to eat his own food, my food or even his beloved peanut butter which we had always used to place his meds in to get him to gobble them down.  He LOVES peanut butter and it had NEVER failed us before. This particular time I needed to get him to ingest powdered worm medicine, and it was nearly impossible.  Any of you who might have used this type of wormer before must agree it's a mess!  A wet food source is definitely needed for the powder to "stick".  I had tried everything.  I tried canned dog food, cottage cheese, eggs, name it and I tried it.  Then a friend suggested canned cat food.  I had almost no hope for success, but low and behold, it worked!  While ordinarily…

Saratoga Springs Chowderfest Dog Chowdown

For the 4th year now, Saratoga Springs is bringing back its Dog Chowdown  as part of their huge Chowderfest event (now 16th years running) this Saturday, February 1, 2014.  Local dog shops will participate in a friendly competition to see who can whip up the tastiest homemade doggie chowder. The competition is taking place at 1:00  at The Saratoga Downtowner Motel.  Even if you miss the "taste off", the local dog stores will be serving up their doggie chowder to participants throughout the day.  Dawgdom, Impressions of Saratoga, Milton Manor Spa & Resort and Sloppy Kisses are all entering chowder in the competition.  Even better, most of their proceeds will be donated to the Saratoga County Animal Shelter, Rottie Empire Rescue and Glen Highland Farm to help animals in need.   If you're not familiar with Saratoga, take it from me, it's extremely "dog friendly".  There hasn't been a time I have walked the streets of this town and not come across numer…

Wordless Wednesday- Snow!

5 Ways to Help an Animal Rescue or Shelter

Partnering up with a local animal rescue or shelter can be a true benefit to animals in need in your area and will also undoubtedly further the cause of bettering dogs' lives.  Here are 5 ways to get involved.

Make Flyers
With all the MANY different computer programs currently available in art and design (most free), putting together and distributing eye catching flyers to feature a particular homeless pet couldn't be easier.  With just a quick search of the internet you will come across many options that walk you through your flyer design.  This is a great project for kids too!  Then you just have to find local community boards to pin to or possibly ask local businesses to display them.

A 5 minute call to your local shelter and you will be told a multitude of items they are in need of for you to start a collection.  Some of the most common shelter needs are: blankets, towels, newspapers, food, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, leashes and collars.  It's a goo…

Your Dog's Health and Fleas

Being that a single female flea is capable of laying over 2000 eggs in her lifetime and a flea is able to survive over 100 days without a meal,  it's no wonder these pesky creatures are such a big problem for both our dogs and us dog parents!  If your pet gets fleas, while it can be super irritating to watch them scratch and bite at themselves, it goes beyond just annoying, and can also be a real health hazard for them.

Allergy (Flea Allergy Dermatitis)
When your dog is allergic to fleas, they are hypersensitive to flea bites.The saliva from the flea bite causes them to have a negative skin reaction beyond just normal itchiness. Your dog will display extreme itching and will likely form break outs on their skin.  I believe Murray has a flea allergy.  One summer, without any other symptoms, I noticed the fur on his back legs was disappearing.  He had been slowly and discreetly pulling it out while chewing on himself.  After talking to my vet, I was told that this is a common sign o…

Walking Your Dog

You know how a nice stroll on a nice day makes you feel good?  Well, it works the same for our dogs.  Regular, appropriate exercise is so important to your dog's longevity and overall health and happiness.  When the conditions are right, getting outside with your pups for a walk can be lots of fun!  Where I live, the conditions have been far from "right" recently.  We are in upstate NY where the deep freeze has us tightly in its grip.  We are anxiously awaiting "walking weather" to return!  When it does, we're ready!  Here are a few things to help you get ready.

There are endless choices when it comes to a dog leash.  You, of course, must find what works for you and your dog, but I do have a few suggestions.
First, please don't use retractable leashes when out walking.  These are best suited for times when you might be in a field and you want to be able to allow your pet to roam and explore a bit without going totally off leash.  In neighborhoods…

Wordless Wednesday: Tolerating the Polar Vortex

Caring for your Dog's Liver

I have done a fair amount of research since Piper was diagnosed with liver problems.  (He, by the way, is doing quite well and we're grateful.)  I was unaware of how common liver disease of all types really is!  Once I started talking about Piper, I was amazed to hear other people talk about similar experiences.  It's my nature to jump all in and fully research anything that's going on with my dogs, so naturally, this wasn't going to be any different.  Here are some helpful things I learned that may be of some use.  This is purely my own research and findings and I am in no way a pet medical professional. 

Milk Thistle
A healthy liver is essential because it detoxifies any chemicals or pesticides your dog may be exposed to, any possible toxins through food, and chemical prescription drugs.  Milk thistle is a flowering plant that comes from the Aster family. It is effective for treating dog liver disease in a few different ways. It can protect against the toxins menti…

It's a Good Day in New York State!

Thank You Governor Andrew Cuomo! You'll find the link HERE that explains the bill Governor Andrew Cuomo signed today to help animals in New York State.  It couldn't have come at a better time.  In the news this week, where I live, animal lovers just fought a hard battle to save a large number of dogs from the poor, poor conditions they were living in at a so called "puppy farm".  These dogs (and puppies) were residing outside only with plastic barrels as shelter, even through our latest cold snap when it got to be 25 below zero with windchill.  When law enforcement visited after receiving tips, THEY even deemed this acceptable.  DISGUSTING!  Luckily a judge got involved and A LOT of caring individuals, and the owner surrendered the adult dogs and was ordered to bring the puppies inside.  I hate to think of how many more cases like this exist...or worse!  I am proud of my state today.  This is a step in the right direction for protecting our precious animals.

Winter (COLD) Wonderland

It's a winter wonderland outside our windows today.  It was SUPPOSED to Mom's first day back to work after the holidays...but guess what?!?!  She got a SNOW DAY!!!  We're all staying warm inside and watching the peeps in the neighborhood shovel, plow and dig out!  Did we mention it's a balmy 2 degrees out???  Happy New Year Everybody!