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My mom (Murray's grandma) recently got a new puppy!  She got a Great Pyrenees and named her Georgie!  Welcome Georgie!  Isn't she just the cutest?!?!

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope everyone had a relaxing day remembering those we've lost.

Wordless Wednesday: No Words Needed

A True Sign Of Summer

A true sign summer is on its way around here?...the big shave down!

Eye Spot

Piper had his annual exam today.  He is 11 years old, and thankfully in seemingly good health. We await the senior blood panel to confirm.  We recently found a strange type of spot on his eyeball.  Being 11, we assumed it was a part of the aging process.  While Doc did say it's due to aging, he believes it's a cholesterol deposit caused by a possibly low functioning thyroid.  Who knew?!  We will either confirm or eliminate this with test results.  The good news is, it does not affect his vision.  Yay!  So, sharing the news in case anyone out there finds something similar with their own pups.  Could be signaling a thyroid disorder.

Dog Cancer Awareness Month: Know What To Look For

Unfortunately cancer is very common in our beloved pups.  The numbers are not good, therefor it's a great idea to know what symptoms to be aware of that could signal possible cancer so you can treat early and hopefully effectively.

*Swellings or lumps that do not go away or grow larger *Open sores that won't heal *Collapsing *Appetite loss *Any blood or unusual discharge coming from the nose, mouth or rectum *Unexplained or unwanted weight loss *Trouble chewing or swallowing *Lack of interest in normal activities *Persistent diarrhea  *Trouble eating or going to the bathroom *Foul odors

Chips! Yum!

Noooo, not those kinds of chips.  Microchips!  BOL!!  It's National Chip Your Pet Month!  More pets die because their owners didn't identify them than from all infectious diseases combined.  Microchipped pets also save shelters hundreds of dollars in kennel fees because chipped pets are generally returned in hours instead of days, or possibly not at all.  So...