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I am going to make this a quick post so we can get back to all our fun birthday activities today.  I couldn't wait to give Mom her presents.  We have a tradition of giving them the night before a birthday in our house.  That way you have your gifts to actually enjoy ON your birthday.  It's so much fun!  Now that she's opened them I can let you all in on what I got her.  I gave her a Pet Smart gift card so we can go shopping together of course.  I also gave her a doggie t-shirt from a great site with adorable pet items for both pets and people.  It's called The Animal Rescue Site.  Purchased items help feed homeless pets, so it's a win win!  Last but not least, I gave Mom the book "A Dog's Purpose".  I'm hoping she'll read it aloud to me, even though I already know my purpose is to be the best furry kid Mom and Dad could wish for :)  Hope you're all doing well out there in the blog world.  I'm off to PARTAY :)

Dog Rally

I never knew such a thing called dog rally existed until this past year.  Our dog trainer did a short introduction into what it was at the end of our last class, and had us do a simplified run through, and it's been in the back of my mind ever since.  The point of this post is to share with you what I know about rally (which is in the beginning stages) and possibly spark some interest in you, and also to encourage you to share any experience you have with rally yourself.  I am very interested in participating in a rally event with my boys, possibly this summer (or whenever they might be ready).  I think it looks like a lot of fun and could be very beneficial to both my dogs and myself in a few different ways.  If you're unfamiliar as I was, in a nutshell it is a trail you walk with your dog and it has a series of "stops" you make along the way.  At each stop there is a command you have to complete with your dog.  One might be "sit, down, sit" for example.  …

Snow Fun!

A Dog's Hero

On the heels of my last post, after we all rightly voiced our disgust for puppy mills, came a post I quickly noticed as I scrolled through my personal Facebook page yesterday.  One of our local weathermen, who also does work with homeless animals, had been asked to take part in a puppy mill rescue in Ohio.  I hadn't noticed his post back on January 11 when he first mentioned this mission he would soon be on, but I did back track and read up on the whole dramatic story.  Steve Caporizzo, along with The Healthy Pet Center in Troy, New York, all made a 24 hour round trip to Ohio to rescue as many dogs in need as they could.  These poor babies were in terrible condition and likely would not have lived without the love and caring help of these animal angels on earth.  The rescuers had no idea the last time these dogs had ever even been outside, never mind ever feeling a loving pat on the head or a cheerful voice.  They were in absolute desperate need of grooming, socialization and abov…