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I am going to make this a quick post so we can get back to all our fun birthday activities today.  I couldn't wait to give Mom her presents.  We have a tradition of giving them the night before a birthday in our house.  That way you have your gifts to actually enjoy ON your birthday.  It's so much fun!  Now that she's opened them I can let you all in on what I got her.  I gave her a Pet Smart gift card so we can go shopping together of course.  I also gave her a doggie t-shirt from a great site with adorable pet items for both pets and people.  It's called The Animal Rescue Site.  Purchased items help feed homeless pets, so it's a win win!  Last but not least, I gave Mom the book "A Dog's Purpose".  I'm hoping she'll read it aloud to me, even though I already know my purpose is to be the best furry kid Mom and Dad could wish for :)  Hope you're all doing well out there in the blog world.  I'm off to PARTAY :) 


  1. Please eat some cake for me...and tell your mom Happy Birthday.

    Those are some really great presents!



    wow WOW WOWIE... she must be THRILLED with those pressies.. We know OUR mom would be!!! You really shopped like a PAWfessional fur those thingys.

  3. Wow, you sure know how to shop! Mom read that book to me too! Happy Birfday to your mom! Did you bake her a biscuit??

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  4. Maybe you can help her chose treats with her gift card at Pet Smart!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Hope your Momma enjoys her special day!!!

  6. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Mom shops at The Animal Rescue site all the time and spends all my treat money... :(

    She also read that book.......It's wonderful but should come with a tissue alert! :)

  7. Happy Birthday to your mama, way to go on the pressies. They are all a win win !!

  8. Way to go Murray! Tell your mom we said Happy Birthday! We love that site too! Have fun shopping!

  9. Wowee, those are awesome gifts Murray!!! Your Mom will love them! :-D Great job picking them out! Enjoy the celebrations!!

  10. WOW what thoughtful gifts Murray!! Tell your mom we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    Wally & Sammy

  11. Happy birthday Mum. Great gifts. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Happy birthday to your mom

    urban hounds

  13. Happy Birthday to your mom - have a wonderful day and send me the leftovers of the birthday cake ;o)

  14. Oh, Happy Burthday Murray's Mom!!! Oh, those are wonderful gifts!!
    I hopes you got some delicious cake too!

  15. Those are some grreat gifts. I bet she LOVES them. The Animal Rescue Site is a fangtastic place to buy gifts! (And when you buy from them, they give food to shelter dogs. How pawsome is that?!)

    A very happy birthday to your momma!

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  17. I hope your mom enjoyed her birthday!


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