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Service Dog Month!

It's the last day of September and "National Service Dog Month", but I say celebrate these wonderful dogs year round!
Way to go, Chester!

Oldies But Goodies

In our house we are very fortunate and grateful everyday.  We have 4 healthy, happy (mostly senior) pets. 

First came our cat Nickers.  He is now 14 and looking a bit like an old man.  We got him as a 6 week old kitten after he was found along the road in the rain and brought to a local veterinarian.  He has always been our super timid guy, but very loving.

Next came Piper.  He is now pushing 11 and in fairly good shape if I do say so myself!  He was the product of a couple in Vermont who lived on a farm and bred their two golden retrievers.  He's always been a beautiful looking golden, but boy did he have a crazy streak when he was younger.  He came to us being the boss and he was determined to keep that status.  With age, he has mellowed and learned to appreciate us.  The feelings are mutual and I just love how he represents being a strong senior dog.

Then along came Foof.  Oh boy, he's our problem child!  He is our 9 year old cat we got from an ad in the newspaper when he …

Grandma Lucy's Organic Oven Baked Dog Treats

My guys LOVE these!  We haven't had many cranberry flavored treats in the past, so perhaps that's part of it (they have lots of yummy flavors), but they sure are a big hit!  I love that they are made with completely organic, human grade ingredients.  I am always looking for products with these qualities.  I'm lucky that my local pet store carries them, but a 14 oz. bag can be ordered online for less than 10 bucks!  Here's the fun part...they're for YOU too!  I haven't been snacking on them myself just yet, but I certainly could!  That makes me feel extra good about feeding them to my pups :)


Sometimes a puppy face captures me in a way I can't explain. There are tons of adorable faces of pups waiting to be adopted out there, and this one I felt I HAD to share.  He's located in Cuddebackville, NY at The Hudson Valley Rottweiler Rescue.  He's an abuse survivor.  Don't get me started on HOW someone could ever abuse such a love.  His mom died birthing the pups, and all his siblings have also since died after being advertised on Craigslist at one day old.  This little guy is now a healthy 10 weeks!  This a tough little boy who can live with big and small dogs, and even cats.  Sure hope and pray he finds his forever, loving home fast!

Murray's "Happy"

* Walks
* Treats
* Petting
* Bed
* Car Rides
* Other dogs
* Boiled Chicken
* Vanilla Ice Cream
* When I Come Home After Work
* Toys (we call them all balls)
* BarkBox
* Me

Wordless Wednesday: Frisbee!

From Pups To Peeps- 3 Ailments Your Dog Can Spread To You

Some things your dog can pass to you aren't as pleasant as love and snuggles.  Some things are downright concerning.  Here are three dog ailments that we may not want, but can be shared:

*Worms- They enter through contaminated food or through the skin's surface.  Have your pet vet checked for worms regularly and treat with heartworm meds, especially during appropriate months.

*Leptospirosis- Can be transmitted through the handling of an infected dog's secretions.  Vaccinate in disease carrying areas.

*Rabies- Generally passed through biting as the saliva is contaminated.  Vaccines will prevent rabies.

Anal Glands

One more great one that has recently come up!


Great info!

Wordless Wednesday: A Nice Day To Be Outside Together!

When To Express

Some lucky dogs need their anal glands expressed regularly, but most others never need them expressed at all or maybe once or twice in a lifetime.   Every dog is different, and larger dogs tend to have fewer issues here.  Signs your dog might need expressing would be: licking of his rear end or dragging his butt across the floor.  Some dogs manage to express them on their own, but if licking and dragging doesn't quickly subside, it's best to have your vet check them out.  Expressing and cleaning the anal glands will not harm a dog in any way.  Many groomers do it as an included service, as it's not always a pleasant job to do at home.  Adding fiber and perhaps a good probiotic to your dog's diet and regular exercise can help keep the problem away.

I Need You!

Chime in!  Let me know!  Tell me!  Shout it out!  I want to know what dog health topics are on the tops of your minds.  The possibilities are endless, so I'm looking for advice.  I LOVE to share what I know and learn about dog health and wellness.  I figure the more we know the better we are able to care for our furry family give it to me! 

Broccoli Eating Nemo!

This is just too cute not to share!  My guys love broccoli too, but they don't savor it like Nemo!  BOL Happy Sunday!

How To Be A Good Dog Owner

Being a good, responsible dog parent take a lot more than just "being a dog person".  It's a large undertaking and takes a lot of commitment.  If you aren't prepared, it's better not to own a dog.

*Dog ownership is FOR THE LIFE OF THE DOG!  I can't stress this enough.  You will need to provide healthcare throughout the life of your dog, and at times it can be very costly.  If you're not willing to spend the money or provide adequate care, a dog is not for you.  This goes for training as well.  A misbehaved dog takes work, whether you hire a trainer or do it yourself.  Dogs should never be tossed away due to your lack of providing training.  Also consider what your life will look like for the next 15 or so years.  Babies, new homes, and your own health must be carefully thought about before bringing a dog home. 

*Do your research as to what breed or breed mix would best fit your lifestyle.  Highly active dogs will not be best suited with a more sedentary …

TBT 2006

We had a boat (now we have a pool and no boat) and one dog.

Wordless Wednesday: Blogging!

Something New!

I have recently signed on to a great new company, For Tails Only.  They have been super helpful and I am really excited to representing them.  I wanted to invite my readers to check them out and browse my launch PAWty that I am running right now!  Here are the details...

1. Click HERE to browse and shop on my page.  Choose shop for "Molly's For Tails Only Launch Pawty".  You'll have to register as a customer to purchase anything.  Please use ID#1115101.

2. Share share share this event with all of your animal loving friends!  All are welcome!

3. If you would like to host an online PAWty and earn free and 1/2 priced products for you or your furry family member, please contact me.  I'd be more than happy to help you out!

4. THANK YOU for taking time to check out my PAWty!

Our Favorite Day Summer 2014

Piper and Murray voted...this was their favorite summer 2014 day and place!  A beautiful campground with an equally beautiful dog park...complete with agility structures!  Can't wait to go back next summer!


Sayin hi, but not much to report on a lazy, rainy Saturday afternoon!  Zzzzzz


LOVE that baby face :)

Wordless Wednesday: Chillin In My Hat

Bocce's Lobster Roll

Murray can be picky when it comes to new treats and new flavors.  Piper will eat anything and decide later if he liked it.  Well, Murray loves Bocce's Lobster Rolls!  He gets very excited when he sees the bright blue bag come out.  He gobbles them right down.  They're the typical small bone size and easy to break apart.  The odor is very mild, and not overwhelming at all.  Bocce's make a bunch of unique flavors which also make them a nice change of pace and even a great gift to another pup friend!  Since we enjoy them so much in our house, I would definitley purchase in the future. 

Pros- Only 4 fresh, local (USA) ingredients
          Promotes fresh breath
          No preservatives
          Wheat free

Cons- A little crumbly when broken apart, but they're small enough that breaking apart is likely not necessary.