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A Murray Tip!

First night at home with your new, CRYING through the night in his crate, puppy?  Toss an air mattress on the floor next to the crate and sleep beside your new buddy.  They remain in their crate where you want to train them to stay, but they're comforted to have you nearby in this new, strange place.  Worked like a charm for both Piper and Murray, and all crying was cured in two nights! 

Easing Dog Stress- 5 Tips

A dog with anxiety can be a big challenge.  Going to the bathroom in the house, excessive chewing, and barking or whining are a few symptoms that your dog might be stressed.  Here are few helpful tips:

* Create a safe space that is just for your dog.  A crate is a good place to use.  Use a comfy bed, put in some toys and start training your dog that this is a safe and happy place to relax.

* Properly training a dog can cut down on anxieties.  If your dog knows what is expected of him, it causes him less stress.

* Provide lots and lots of exercise.  A tired dog is a less anxious dog.

* Do not overcompensate and essentially reward the anxious behavior.  If your dog gets cuddled when he displays anxiety, you are reinforcing the anxiety.

* Sometimes a second dog in the home helps relieve stress in a dog.  Sometimes it does not.  Perhaps testing your dog out during doggie play dates would be a good idea.  Maybe he's in need of a buddy of his own kind.


We're very grateful for Dr. King. He was a real life hero!  I think in honor of him...

Action Shot!

Havin a ball!

Bringing Home Dog #2

Most people remain "only dog" parents, but the numbers are growing for multiple dog households.  How you introduce your new pup to your first pup is very important.

*It's a bad idea to bring your dog along to pick up your new puppy or dog.  The car is not the location for a meet and greet.

*If you're bringing in a new puppy, it's a good idea to exercise him through play a bit before introducing him to your dog.  A tired puppy is a more relaxed puppy.

*Choose a neutral location (not your home) for the two dogs to meet.  It's a good idea to find a safe, possibly fenced in area and first allow your original dog to run alone.  Then switch and allow the new dog to run around alone.  Finally, slowly allow both dogs to roam in this area together, unleashed.  At this point the new dog had picked up your first dog's scent and you have lessened the likelihood for a negative meeting. 

*Don't force the interactions.  Dog form their relationships in their own way…

Busy Busy

We've been abnormally busy lately, but should get back to posting soon!  Don't we look thrilled?!?!

Happy New Year!

Happy 2015 from Murray and me!   May it be full of health and happiness!