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Pet Peeve

Dressing dogs up for fun on a regular basis....this drives me nuts!  Sorry if I'm offending anyone, but  dogs are DOGS, not babies or kids.  Sure, a raincoat or a sweater to protect your pup from weather conditions is perfectly acceptable.  A Halloween costume or dress up for a photo op doesn't bother me in the least either.  I do that myself!  But it's the poor little dogs I see all decked out in dresses and tiaras on a daily basis that really get to me.  I venture to say that NO dog enjoys this.  So please, think twice before strapping your dog into a tutu to go for a walk.

We Still Walk

It's HOT and HUMID around us today, but we still managed to get a walk in.  We just have to make some changes in this weather.  We go slow and take our time.  We shorten the length of our walk.  We strap on our cool collars, and we walk on grass whenever it's safe and possible to avoid burning paw pads. So we got our Sunday Funday walk in despite the weather, which makes everyone feel refreshed!  Yay!   Happy Week to Everyone!

Stuffed Animals- A Murray Fave!

Murray's toy of choice is anything stuffed with a squeaker inside.  He used to want to tear into the stuffed toys to retrieve the squeaker, but now they just become his best friends.  We have tons, and I mean TONS of stuffed dog toys around our house....all sizes, shapes and colors.  As soon as I try to pick them up and put them in a toy basket, Murray is close behind pulling them all back out.  They are literally scattered around every room in our house!  There are even three or four in my exercise room!  He carries them outside, up to bed, to the door when someone walks in....everywhere!  I find it to be the cutest thing!  So, here he is with one of his larger stuffed animals, his lamb.  

DIY Natural Dog Shampoo

If you want to control what ingredients you place on your dog during grooming/bathing, it's not necessary to purchase dog shampoo.  You can make your own safely and it's all natural!  Here's the recipe...

1 Cup Natural Baby Shampoo or Natural Liquid Dish Soap 1 Cup Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 2 Ounces Glycerin  1 Cup Warm Water
Mix all together in a squeeze bottle. Make sure your dog is good and wet when you apply the shampoo, and do a complete rinse when done to be sure no shampoo residue is left behind. 
Scrub A Dub Dub!

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: I'd Like My Bone Back Please

Summer Fun

Now that we've covered how to stay safe in the summer months, I'm excited to share some of our summer FUN plans that we have!

*Our annual Cape Cod trip!  Our favorite place to go!  Cape Cod is super dog friendly and we eat great food, enjoy romps at the ocean and soak up the atmosphere.

*Pooch Plunge!  Our local shelter holds an annual pooch plunge at the end of summer at the public pool.  It's closed to people and open to the pups!  It's a great time and earns lots of money for the shelter!

*Dog friend play dates!  It's the best time of year to meet up and play together!

*Lazy days at home soaking in the pool!  This goes without explanation :)

*Lots of playing ball! 

*Lots of walks and exploring!

Dog Summer Safety

Summer is our favorite time of year around here.  We spend lots of time outside enjoying what seems like a very short season, and just like every other season, summer brings it's own specific risks for your pup.

*Overheating or Heat Stroke
It SHOULD go without saying, but unfortunately it does not leave your dog in a hot car!  Your car's interior heats up very quickly and even a cracked window won't help.  At home and elsewhere, be sure your dog has access to plenty of shade.  In extreme heat, a kiddie pool works great for quick cooling off.  There are also many frozen doggie treats on the market, or you can make your own!

Your dog should have regular access to unlimited, cool drinking water.  We keep a full bowl at all times inside.  We fill a bowl daily when we're outside so it's changed often, and we carry a jug full of water and a bowl with us when we travel.

Keep foods at bbq's that could be potentially unsafe for you dog …

5 Summer Goals 2015

I have things in mind as each summer rolls around  to keep my pups and myself happy and healthy.   As a teacher, the summer months give me ample time to spend reconnecting and working with my guys.

1. More regular toothbrushing.
2. Homemade summer frozen treats.
3. Take more pictures.  Capture "moments".
4. Teach/learn a new tricks.
5. Being more of service to dogs in need.

Anyone else have summer goals?

4th Of July!

Happy July 4th One and All!   Stay safe and keep your pups safe and secure!