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Dog Summer Safety

Summer is our favorite time of year around here.  We spend lots of time outside enjoying what seems like a very short season, and just like every other season, summer brings it's own specific risks for your pup.

*Overheating or Heat Stroke
It SHOULD go without saying, but unfortunately it does not leave your dog in a hot car!  Your car's interior heats up very quickly and even a cracked window won't help.  At home and elsewhere, be sure your dog has access to plenty of shade.  In extreme heat, a kiddie pool works great for quick cooling off.  There are also many frozen doggie treats on the market, or you can make your own!

Your dog should have regular access to unlimited, cool drinking water.  We keep a full bowl at all times inside.  We fill a bowl daily when we're outside so it's changed often, and we carry a jug full of water and a bowl with us when we travel.

Keep foods at bbq's that could be potentially unsafe for you dog out of his reach.   Meat bones and corn on the cob are just a couple picnic items that could be of danger.  The grill itself is another risk.  Wagging tails and sniffing noses can quickly get burned if not careful.  Even when we aren't using our grill, our dogs are interested in the smells left behind.  We keep our grill covered when not in use so our curious pups won't be tempted to eat something they shouldn't.

*Hot Pavement
Always test any surface with your own feet before deeming it comfortable and safe for your dog's paw pads.  If it's too hot for you, it's too hot for them and can cause some serious burns.  Walking at cooler times of the day is best.

*Fleas, Ticks and Heartworm
Speak with your vet about appropriate precautions against parasites.  We choose to use the Seresto collar for flea and tick control and love it.  Our dogs are given Interceptor for heartworm preventative.

Be aware of where you dog is roaming around when out on walks.  Not everyone who uses dangerous lawn treatments posts it so you know.  Be careful to allow your pup to walk on pesticide free surfaces as much as possible.  Thank you to those who do post!

It's best to keep your pet away from places where fireworks will take place.  Keeping them safely inside with the windows closed and the TV or some music playing helps a lot.  If that is not possible, it's important to hold pups on a short leash to be sure they aren't startled and running off.  Keeping ID on your dog or getting them micro-chipped will help a great deal should he run off.

Some dogs need a summer cut to keep their coats shorter and cooler in the warm summer months.  There are also dog sunscreens available for pups with skin being exposed to lots of sun.

*Summer Allergens
Try to stay aware and on top of what allergies your dog might have during the summer months.  It will keep them far more comfortable to avoid those allergy triggers.  Different grasses and flowers are common triggers in many dogs.

Since we know it's impossible to list every single possible risk, dog owners have to stay aware.  No one will watch out for your pup as well as you.

Happy Summer!



  1. thanks for a lot of great tips... the fertilizers are a problem and we avoid areas where the grass looks brown and we also avoid corn fields... butt that's not easy for Easy because of the birds and rabbits in the fields :o)
    easy rider

  2. So much for our Lady to work about in the summer. We will do our best to make sure she follows the safety rules:)

  3. Good post! Summer is typically not a doggie's best friend!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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