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A Little Late But Always Thankful!

We're a little behind, but never the less, always thankful for our health, happiness, family and YOU!  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The Benefits Of A Senior Dog

* Most manners are already in place but seniors are easy to train if needed.
* Seniors are far less likely to damage or destroy your belongings.
* They're extremely loving.
* Since their personality traits are already in place, it's easier to find a perfect fit for you!
* Seniors adjust to new settings and changes faster than young puppies.
* Senior pets are great matches for senior citizens.
* Most seniors sleep soundly through the night.
* If you bring in a second, younger dog, the senior will help guide and train the pup.

Taking Care Of Your Dog This Winter

You must be extra cautious when it comes to dogs and winter.  Frigid temperatures, hypothermia, toxic chemicals, freezing winds, ice, frozen water bowls, snow, snow clumped fur, allergies, proper shelter and snow filled paws are just some of the issues that need attention during the winter months.

*Antifreeze and Salt- Dogs are attracted to the smell and taste of antifreeze and if left within reach, you pup will likely ingest it.  Antifreeze is extremely dangerous and often kills pets when ingested.  If you don't see your pet lick up any antifreeze, symptoms include vomiting and stumbling within several hours of taking it in.  If there is any reason to believe your dog has come in contact with antifreeze, contact your veterinarian immediately.  After walking your dog on a treated surface (with salt) be sure to rinse the paws off so your pup doesn't lick them clean and become sick from ingesting the salt.

*Cold- Dog winter wear is not just for fun.  If it's too cold for you…

Happy Birthday, Piper!

Happy 11th Birthday to my wild Piper! You were our first furkid and from day one, until this very day, your free spirited nature is as much there as it ever has been. You've never been a cuddler or a lovebug, but we know you love us in your own Piper way. You've been a great big brother, yet somehow Murray turned out to be the exact opposite of you (good thing, not sure I could have handled 2 of you). So onto year 11! May this year be smoother sailing than last.

Wordless Wednesday: Running With My Frisbee!

Happy Veteran's Day!


Book: Decoding Your Dog

Lots and lots of information in this book for all dog owners.  I think it's a very helpful read.  From barking, lunging, and not getting along with other dogs, this book can help you handle lots of dog related issues.  It's filled with great information to help all types of things owners face with their dogs, and a lot of new information for even the experienced dog person.  A great resource to use to problem solve!

New Frisbee!...

...and this is how I carry it.

Check Up!

Murray had a check up today and all is well.  We also had a squishy lump needle tested and all is well there too!  We are very grateful to have our healthy, happy Mr. Murray :)

Wordless Wednesday: Look What I Brought You!

Yay Bentley!

So happy for them both!

Young At Heart

People call me a "senior".  Yeah OK!