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I will be limiting my posts while out camping with the fam!  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

National Pet Fire Safety Day

National Pet Fire Safety Day is coming up on July 15.  Between now and then I encourage you to put together a "whole family" plan (including your pets) as to how you'd handle a fire emergency in your home to get everyone out safely.  Here are some tips just for your pup!

* Practice the plan once it's in place...with your pet.
* It's best to sleep with your bedroom door closed.  Consider closing your pet inside with you at night. 
* Keep leashes and collars easily accessible (perhaps near the entrance of your house)
* Place a "pets inside" window cling on your front door window and keep it up to date.
* Make one person responsible for each pet.
* Be aware of all of your pets regular hiding spots when he/she gets scared.
 *Don't risk your life to save your pet.  Leave that to the professionals.  (Easier said than done, I know)

New Dog Gadget!

Pet Pace is a new smart collar that closely monitors your dog's health every moment of his day and night.  It costs $150 initially and the Pet Pace website states there is $180 yearly service fee.  What it does is it constantly reads your dog's vital signs, body positioning and activities while being worn, and compares the results to your breed's standard.  If something is not right, it sends the pet owner an alert, which then can be reviewed with your personal vet..  It is linked up to a base that stays near your home computer.  It claims it is great for early illness detection and possible life saving treatment....and most of all peace of mind.  I'm VERY interested, but am waiting to hear just how accurate and reliable it really is.   

Wordless Wednesday- Buddies

If Not For My Dogs...

...I'd have more room in my bed ...I'd have a cleaner car ...I'd have a better looking lawn/yard ...I'd have less clutter around the house ...I'd always have a dry kitchen floor that's not slobbered on from a water dish ...I'd always wear hair free clothes
If not for my dogs...
...I'd exercise less ...I'd laugh less ...I'd snuggle less ...I'd walk alone more ...I'd come home to an empty house ...I'd be far less happy
...I wouldn't be me
I wouldn't trade them for the world!

Things That Make Me A Crazy Dog Mom

I fully admit I'm crazy for my dogs.  To some, things I do seem nuts, but I am quite content in my dog mom behaviors...

1. I have no problems spending lots of money on my dogs.  Food, treats, toys, novelty name it, I've bought it!

2. I have multiple large toy bins in the house for all the dog toys and there are still tons just laying around on the floor.

3.  Murray has 2 Facebook accounts (personal and page) and a blog..and more friends than I have!

4.  I take TONS and TONS of photos of my dogs...way more than anything else I photograph.

5.  I'm currently considering buying a tow along for my bike so I can take a dog with me on rides.

6.  I refuse to use groomer services.  I don't trust anyone but myself to clip my dogs.

7.  I refuse to board or kennel my dogs...ever.  They vacation with us!

8.  I admit...I try no to be...but I tend to be judgmental of others in how they treat their dogs.  Gotta work on that one!

9.  I do endless research on many dog relate…

Dogs and Ice Cubes

This myth has circulated before.
The facts...

If your dog is overly stressed, dehydrated and his body temperature is too high, and therefore he starts gulping large amounts of water, with or without ice, then it is possible they could be at risk of developing bloat. Ice cubes themselves, in water or alone, are fine in moderation and not the singular cause of bloat.  It is however, always smart to monitor your dog and watch how they specifically react to anything new, such as ice cubes, for the first time.

Make Your Own Natural Dog Toothpaste- EASY DIY!

Items Needed:

Small seal-able container for mixing and storing
2 Tablespoons of Baking Soda
1/2 Cup Coconut Oil (solid form)
1 Tablespoon Water

Mix all items together in container until it forms a thick paste. Happy Brushing!

Wordless Wednesday- Brothers

Why I'm A Dog Lover

1. I've never met a dog that didn't steal my heart with adorableness.
2. Dogs are the most loyal of creatures.
3. Dogs are comforting, stress relieving balls of joy.
4. Dogs are nonjudgmental...always.
5. Dogs only offer pure, unconditional love.
6. Dogs are playful.
7. Dogs make you laugh.
8. You are their whole world.  Live up to it.
9. Dogs always live in the moment.
10. My dogs make my life complete.

Sleeping With Your Dog

Sharing your bed with your dog (s) is a very personal choice.  For some it's an easy fit and you might go together like "peas and carrots".  For others it can turn what you thought would be a dream into a nightmare. 

-Dog snoring, noises and movements can be very distracting to your sleep.
-If your dog gets sick or has an accident, it's going to likely be in your bed.
-If your dog has fleas, ticks or mites, those creatures will be in bed with you too so expect bites.
-Worsened allergies and loose hair in your bed.
-They sometimes steal your blankets.
- Dogs often lick or drool where they sleep.
-In some dogs it can cause dominance issues.

-Reduces human stress levels for better sleep.
-Keeps the bed warm.
-Strengthens human-dog bond.
-Can calm anxious dogs.

That all being said, in our house, Piper sleeps in his dog bed on the floor and Murray now sleeps in bed with us.  We raised both dogs to sleep in their crates (which we kept in our bedroom) from 8 w…

Happy Fur Dad Day!

Happy Fur Father's Day to the best one around!   Wishing all the dads, both to the four legged and two, a very Happy Father's Day!

Increasing Dog Health Care Costs

Cancer and other illnesses are showing up in our dogs at rates like never before.  Statistics are showing over 50% of dogs will develop some kind of cancer.  Veterinary care to treat your dog is not cheap.  Due to advances in veterinary technology and costs rising on their end, veterinarians have  shown a rise of up to 80% for their services over the past ten years.  There are over 80 million dogs owned, loved and cared for in The United States and over 55 billion dollars is spent a year on their healthcare, and it's on the rise with each passing year.   Sadly, euthanizing dogs due to lack of affordable medical treatment has been growing by leaps and bounds.

To some, pet health insurance has become a good option, but to many, it's still not good enough.  Each pet insurance company is different, and it's important to look closely at each one being considered.  Often dog owners could pay more for insurance than they would for medical treatment.  Personal savings mi…

Wordless Wednesday- I Made A Mess!

New Lupine Line!

If you've read some of my previous posts about collars, harnesses and leashes, you know that I'm a big Lupine fan.  Their products are guaranteed for life, even if your dog chews them!  How can you beat that?!  They also have the cutest patterns and colors that would appeal to all types of styles and taste.  I have been using the Lupine brand for a few years now and have been nothing but pleased.  Everything has been very durable and affordable.  Well now they have a new Eco friendly line!  Still very cute collars and leashes, but all made from recycled plastic bottles!  I think I might have to pick one out for myself!  Stop by and check them out!

What's In Our Cookie Jar Right Now

Dogs Love Kale- Peanutty

A new favorite in our house!

Mini Yumzies- Peanut Butter Flavor

Our guys LOVE these.  They're soft, chewy and grain free!

Happy Birthday To My Murray

You turn 7 today.  We have been together since July 28, 2007...a day that absolutely changed my life.  That face...oh that face!  I fell in love.  Since that day, I have adored you.  We have been inseparable.   You are the most gentle and sweetest dog I have ever known.  You make my heart so very happy.  You always have been and always will be MY dog....but you're so much more than just a dog.  You're even so much more than just family.  I love you to pieces and I love every day we have together.  My wish for you on your birthday today is...many many more... car rides, runs in the park, walks around town, bags filled with toys (we call them all "balls"), filled bone treats, sleeps in bed and joyful lickings.  I look forward to all of it.  May you always stay full of love and joy and may you  always  know and feel how special you are to us.

10 Dog Must Haves

*Leashes/collars *ID tags *MANY poop bags *Dog bed (doesn't have to be a marketed dog bed, just a "spot" designated for your dog) *Dog brush *Stainless steel or ceramic dishes *Toys *Dog first aid kit *High quality dog food *Veterinarian

Wordless Wednesday- Time With My Pups

App For Social Dogs!

"Meet My Dog" is a social app for you and your pup.  It allows you to find dogs you might know that are nearby, and meet up!  It helps you to arrange doggie play dates with friends, both old and new!  You set up a pup profile, check in when you go places to play, connect with fellow dogs, share photos and you can even private message one another.  It's free in the App Store.  Seems pretty much like Facebook for dogs to me!  Let the good times roll :)

My Other Blog

About a year ago I started and abandoned a personal blog due to lack of interest on my part. It didn't really have a purpose or a direction back then.  Well, today I am back with that "other" blog but with a new purpose and direction... To wake up my life and work on bettering myself along the way.  Thank you to all of you who showed an interest in this blog a year ago, and I hope you'll find interest once again in my new quest.  If you'd like to swing by and check it out, please do!  It's called "Waking Up" and you can find it HERE. Thanks!

Dog People Are...

*Active *Loyal *Outgoing *Energetic *Disciplined *Loving *Caring *Friendly *Planners *Enthusiastic *Upbeat *Trusting *Social And so much more...
Fellow dog lovers stand tall and proud!  We are a great bunch of people :)