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New Dog Gadget!

Pet Pace is a new smart collar that closely monitors your dog's health every moment of his day and night.  It costs $150 initially and the Pet Pace website states there is $180 yearly service fee.  What it does is it constantly reads your dog's vital signs, body positioning and activities while being worn, and compares the results to your breed's standard.  If something is not right, it sends the pet owner an alert, which then can be reviewed with your personal vet..  It is linked up to a base that stays near your home computer.  It claims it is great for early illness detection and possible life saving treatment....and most of all peace of mind.  I'm VERY interested, but am waiting to hear just how accurate and reliable it really is.   


  1. I think there will be competing brands hitting the market. I saw one by a company called Voyce when I was at the AKC Nat'l Agility Championship back it March. Similar price but I don't remember the yearly fee. I'd wait if I were you and let competition drive the prices down as well as give time a chance to work out the bugs.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I looked into Voyce a few months ago too. Pet Pace seems to be more comprehensive and just overall does more...but definitely waiting it out for now.

  3. That does sound very interesting. We are like you, we would want to know a bit more about reliability before forking out the dollars!

  4. That's a cool concept, but I'd only consider getting one after seeing rave reviews on it. It's not cheap!

  5. I think it's a great idea, I would like to hear more, specially what users say about this collar.


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