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Sleeping With Your Dog

Sharing your bed with your dog (s) is a very personal choice.  For some it's an easy fit and you might go together like "peas and carrots".  For others it can turn what you thought would be a dream into a nightmare. 

-Dog snoring, noises and movements can be very distracting to your sleep.
-If your dog gets sick or has an accident, it's going to likely be in your bed.
-If your dog has fleas, ticks or mites, those creatures will be in bed with you too so expect bites.
-Worsened allergies and loose hair in your bed.
-They sometimes steal your blankets.
- Dogs often lick or drool where they sleep.
-In some dogs it can cause dominance issues.

-Reduces human stress levels for better sleep.
-Keeps the bed warm.
-Strengthens human-dog bond.
-Can calm anxious dogs.

That all being said, in our house, Piper sleeps in his dog bed on the floor and Murray now sleeps in bed with us.  We raised both dogs to sleep in their crates (which we kept in our bedroom) from 8 weeks old until about 2 years old.  It was not only for their safety, but they actually preferred sleeping in their own space.  By 2 years old, I was ready to remove crates from my bedroom and regain some space, and at that point, they could be trusted not to wander around and hurt themselves too.  They both then slept in dog beds on the floor in the bedroom.  We knew as a puppy, Piper could never be an "on the bed" sleeper.  He had dominance issues from a very early age and snarled and growled whenever we asked him to get off the bed.  So, he was trained to sleep on the floor.  Murray used to sneak up on our bed in the middle of the night, and he'd just be there when we woke in the morning.  We eventually gave up that game, and allowed him to come and go as he pleased...and he pleases to be on our bed now all night!



  1. I sleep on the floor on a big comfy bed...most of the time. But the little one sleep on the bed. I like my bed cuz I can really stretch out and take up all the room I want. Chica, Lucas, and Rosie usually claim the bed. They like to cuddle under a blanket and have their eyes covered.

  2. Our girls are up and down and sleep most of the time on the bed! They wouldn't have it any other way!

  3. We both sleep in bed with Mommy. It's a big snuggle bed full or warmth and love and we all sleep better as a pack

  4. We go through good and bad times with Gracie sleeping in bed with us... Once in a while she tries to sneak under the covers, which she knows is off limits. At ten o'clock every night, she heads in to get her place on the bed. But she understands that when we come in, we get our place and she gets what's leftover. She's good with that. If she gets hot, she'll jump off the bed and go under the bed for a while.

  5. Ancient Pip was always a bed sleeper but as she got old she choose to sleep in the basket in the bedroom. Me bed always. No basket for me.Likewise when it is hot i go and find a cool spot. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. all of our dogs sleep with us

    retro rover

  7. My guys start out the night sleeping on the bed, but eventually they over-heat, so move to the floor to cool off.

  8. I agree the dog snoring is a problem :o) and that Easy turns around 87 times before he finds a comfy place... but it's ok, I noticed that I miss something when I sleep alone in a bed :o)

  9. Momma tried to have me sleep in my crate the first two nights, but after that she gave up. I'm the pawfect sleeping companion. I curl up right next to her and don't move all night. But Cinderella prefers to sleep on her own doggy bed instead. That's okay, more room for me!

  10. We sleep with mom and dad and sometimes me and mom share her pillow. I think she likes it.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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