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We're Here and Busy Busy!

We are lucky to have two dogs that travel really well. We arrived in Cape Cod early last night and got right to livin it up! We immediately jumped back in the car after setting up the R-Pod, and zipped to the ocean. From a past trip we knew we loved Coastguard Beach. It is one of the nicest beaches we've ever been to. In Cape Cod during summer, not all beaches are welcoming to dogs. We travel and stay from mid to upper Cape Cod because that's where the National Seashore begins and dogs are welcome year round on National Seashore beaches...yay! Coastguard is a National Seashore beach and it's beautiful! Murray was even better in the water and waves than two years ago when we were here. The waves were pretty rough last night, but he plunged in pretty far...for him! Piper played around a bit, but really didn't care for the wave action. He likes to lay down in the water and he just couldn't find a calm enough spot to do so last night. We'll try again tomorrow. Today all of us were busy visiting Falmouth for the day. We had lunch overlooking gorgeous Nobska Beach and Lighthouse, then we headed to the Falmouth Dog Park. It was a hot day but the boys visited and ran a bit with 6 or 7 other friendly dogs. We can't wait to visit another dog park tomorrow! Tomorrow the dog park is supposed to have a pond! We also planned to take Piper and Murray shopping at "Uptown Dog" today (a doggie boutique with lots of fun items), but unfortunately Jamie HAD to go to Walmart (because we can never go there at home ;)LOL) and we didn't get there before they closed. I did get to "The Black Dog" store before heading back to the Pod though :) I picked up some cute "BD" flip flops! Anyone who doesn't know what "The Black Dog" is, it's similar to Orvis or an LL Bean but everything has their black dog themed logo on it. Very cute and very good quality stuff. I believe it's a New England thing. Now the boys are home, well fed and zonked out...resting up for tomorrow's adventures. We'll be updating again soon!

Ready to go!

This is how I ride
Walkin the trail

Falmouth Dog Park fun!


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