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Getting Very Excited!!!

Jamie, the dogs and I took our first trip, all together, to Cape Cod two years ago and had a great time.  We rented a cottage, toured around and soaked up the ocean life.  Well, we're about to go back, but this time we are going in our brand new R-Pod!  We bought a camper this year for a couple reasons.  One being my neurotic need for my own bed, sheets and pillows (I will not bore you with my weirdness).  The other being that we now would have a dog friendly "house" to stay in wherever we traveled.  We took one maiden voyage back in June and everything went well and we had a good time.   So, we will soon be off for our "Adventures in Cape Cod 2012".  Piper can't wait to plop in the ocean, but Murray will only be standing knee deep.  This is not the time to be having swimming lessons.  Unfortunately (or fortunately...depends how you look at it) the cats will stay home with Grandma and watch over the homestead, but we'll be sure to bring them back some salt water taffy!  Here are some photos from the last Cape Cod trip and our new R-Pod that I found in anticipation, along with a video clip of an adorable pet shop we are excited to check out!  

Our Cottage 2010
Murray and I enjoying the waves
The Pod 2012
Daydreaming  from Pod bed

Not sure about these waves!
Dogs and I happy in the Pod

Proud boys with their new toy


We can't wait to shop here!



  1. Hey Guys,

    Your pod sounds awesome!! As you saw I got left behind this week cos the place my family went to didn't accept Doggies - doh!!

    My Mum dreams of getting an RV sometime and I'm dreaming about it too - it will be so much fun!!

    Have a great time

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  2. You will love it when you do! Lots of great DOG FRIENDLY campgrounds out there. The place we stayed was fantastic :)


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