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Paws for Thought

I think a lot about dog paws.  That sounds strange, but I realized I have a lot of thoughts about them.  Here are some random ones:

Paws in the sand

1. Nail Clipping- I really need to become a regular nail clipper.  I am not good at making this part of our routine because the thought of doing it scares me.  Our vet has always clipped Murray and Piper's nails, but that is not nearly enough I know.  I have recently spent some time researching how to do this safely.  One cool tip tha comes to mind is to help keep the hair back on especially hairy dogs, place a plastic sandwich baggie over the paw and poke the nails through the bag.  The hair will stay pushed into the bag while the nails are completely visible.  I also found a few great "how to" videos that make it seem easy, but unfortunately my fear is still there.  I keep telling myself my dogs walk on concrete enough with our patio and walks that their nails wear down.  I, in my right mind, know better.  I suppose I will get around to it.

2. Boots for the Pool- They make doggie boots to protect paws from the snow, cold and ice in the winter, why not boots to protect swimming pool liners so our buddies can go for a dip?  I have often thought of strapping on their winter boots to take a swim in our pool.  Actually it would be their boots and life jacket...what a sight in my mind right now LOL!  Piper is the only one who really loves to swim, so I am mainly wondering about him.  I will definitely post if I ever do this.

3. Moisturizing their Pads- We moisturize our feet, why not dog paw pads?  Well, in my research, I found many products marketed for just this purpose.  I also read that Vaseline is safe and works well too.  So keep a regular check on your dog's feet.  Figure if yours look like they need some TLC, theirs probably do too!

4. Licking- I don't have any real advice on this, but I spend a lot of time contemplating why Murray does it.  I can't complain too much.  He only licks/chews his paws when he is settling into bed at night.  It's about 5 minutes of off and on licking and biting and he stops when asked...but WHY is he doing it in the first place?!?!  This brings me to my next thought...

5. Paw Soak- My boys get things stuck in their paws often.  We have many pine trees around our area and those painful little needles are a real pain, literally.  I have caught my dogs limping and chewing on occasion just because one needle is buried in their toes.  If you have ever stepped on one, you know what I mean!  In the spring/summer/fall months I like to keep a little pool of water available to dip their feet in.  Next to grooming days, this is another great way to keep pesky needles, stones and anything else that finds it's way in there under control.

6. Ground Temperature- Like paw licking, I obsess a lot lately about the temperature of the ground my dogs walk on.  Not only do I scrutinize the temperature outside before a walk or spending any length of time outside, I now find myself testing the pavement temperature with my own foot.  I have learned if it's too hot for your feet, it's too hot for their feet.  I will remember this when we're on the sand at the beach soon too! 

7. Tattoo- I don't currently have any tattoos, but I have one in mind that I want.  What does this have to do with dog paws?  I want customized paw prints of Murray's actual prints put on my day...if I am brave enough.  Weird?

8. Did My Dogs Eat Fritos?  Go ahead, take a big sniff of your dog's paws.  I have rarely met a dog whose paws do NOT smell like fritos!  I guess it's due to bacteria and unless it's very potent, it's normal.  Myself, I don't find it gross, just odd.

OK those are all my "paw" thoughts for now.  I will come up with more over time for sure...and lucky you, I will share!  For now, TALK TO THE PAW!  Just kidding ;)


  1. Hi from a fellow upstate NY dog lover, and my dogs Kelly and Brooks!


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