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Farewell Cape Cod

We are now home safe and sound and reflecting on what a great time we had on our Cape Cod trip.  Our last full day was low key.  We really wanted to head into Provincetown.  They are famously known for being an exceptionally dog friendly town.  We had been once before, but only a quick drive through a couple years ago.  We planned to go Thursday and spend some quality time walking around, visiting their highly regarded Pilgrim Bark Park and walking on the beach.  Our plans got derailed when we learned it was Carnival in P'town and that was going to mean HEAVY traffic...and oh it was heavy!  We decided to head just a couple miles up the road to Wellfleet for their popular flea market at the drive in.  We had to engage in this mostly stand still traffic headed to Carnival for about an hour and a half just to get to Wellfleet, but we did it!  The dogs were welcome to walk around and browse all the vendors, which they did, but it was very hot for them.  It was all on dark pavement and I am embarrassed to say we never remembered to use their brand new cool collars all week!  UGH, I can't believe that!  So, we took one quick walk through and then Jamie took the boys back to the AC in the car so I could shop some bags :)  We finished the day with a final dog park stop in Falmouth and I got to finally visit Uptown Dog, also in Falmouth.  We returned to our Pod to find many other campers anxious to meet Piper and Murray.  Our neighbor's kids had been waiting all week to pet and play with the boys.  Another woman stopped on her bike to say hello to them.  They love the attention :)  Friday, we packed up and headed home. We all are happy to have the space of our house and Piper and Murray seem pretty happy to have their fenced in yard to run free in regularly again.  We all also enjoyed our own beds last night.  All in all it was a wonderful trip!

Goodbye Dog Park
Yum!  Whale Cookies

"Are we there yet?"
Car shot!

Last ocean dip


Animal fun!


  1. Great pix and we are pleased you had such a great trip. Have a brilliant Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Those Whale cookies look awesome!! :) Love the family pic in the car too - very cute :)

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  3. The whale cookies were a big hit! They had sharks too, but we stuck with the whales LOL


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