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Bathroom Talk...Beware

Stop taking pics!  I need privacy!
I often here people say one of the reasons they prefer a female dog over a male dog is because of that awful lifting of the leg that male dogs all do.  I used to think ALL male dogs did this as well, until I got Piper and then it was reinforced again once we got Murray.  Neither of my male dogs regularly lift their legs to pee.  I won't say it never happens, but if I had to give it a percentage I would say the leg lifting is only about 2% of their pee stance.  I don't know for sure why they are not leg lifters, but my theory is that we do not have many trees in our yard, so perhaps as pups they didn't have much to "lift" on?!  I know some male dogs will lift anywhere, but our guys don't.  They are both squatters, and most people who see it, surely think they are female.  Both boys have very different bathroom behaviors though.  Piper was relatively easy to house train as a puppy, even though it was winter and very cold out.  He now has no scruples about peeing or pooping ANYWHERE.  That's not always so cool.  We have a patio in our back yard and he often pees just on the edge of it so most of his pee streams down the cement.  Quite irritating!  Piper will also poop several times a day, anywhere he happens to be.  If he's home in his own yard, he circles and circles, for what seems like forever, before finding the perfect spot.  Put a leash on him and take him anywhere else though and you will absolutely be scooping up his poo.  The second he gets the chance, he pops a poop squat while on a leash.  While in Cape Cod he had pooped twice before we hit the beach one day, but no fail, as soon as his paws hit the sand, so did a poop.  Another added quality Piper has is that during the winter, if he can find a frozen poop, he eats it down like it's a tasty treat...but only frozen (sorry if that's TMI), thawed are not appealing to him.  Murray is a much different "pottier" than Piper.  He took a long time to house train as a puppy.  While the weather was great, being mid-summer, he just couldn't regularly hold his pee long enough for us to get him outside until he was about 6 months old.  He peed right at the door for a long time.  I guess we had to wait for his bladder size to catch up to his brain size.  When it comes to his pooping, he is very quick and very private.  At home he likes to hide himself in a patch of deep grass, behind a tree, where he thinks he can't be seen.  As soon as you might think he's going, he's done.  On vacation he's tough.  Pooping on a leash is not his cup of tea.  The extend leash helps, but he still prefers more privacy...hence the reason I was pulling prickers off him one morning because he went too far into a shrub for his business.  I think I have grossed you all out enough now!  I hope this wasn't too graphic.  Obviously I am quite comfortable with the topic!  LOL   


  1. Personally, as soon as I was able to lift the leg, I was! As my puppy trainer once said, I was above grade level in my pottying skills! But I make sure that I only do the deed outside...I learned early that it's impolite to lift the leg in a store or other place! :-)

  2. murray is a cutie. my male black lab will sometimes just do a half-squat rather than a leg lift. :)

    thanks for stopping by today and leaving a comment!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and visiting us. We like meeting new furiends.
    We all have our unique peeing and pooping techniques...
    Ernie,Sasha,Chica,Lucas, & Rosie

  4. Hey!!! Thanks for stopping by and saying HOWDY!! We LURVES getting new friends. Mom has connected through google connector and through her Google reader... so now we can see everything you have to say!

    Glad to meet you...

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  5. Dood, thanks for stopping by our blog. When we saw you were a Dood we had to hurry over here and follow you! Now, about this bathroom habits thing, I just gotta say. Me and Stanley, we're squatters. But then again, we're still pups. Somebody said if you neuter a pup at a young age he will stay a squatter. Time will tell on that one. And about house breaking, well me and Stan are litter mates and housebroken under the same set of rules and yet he caught on before me. So I think we all have our own [references and they just don't make sense. But no pee on the patio cuz peeps don't like that.

    Your fellow Doods (we're minis)

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Have a great prickers free Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Oh wow, I had to laugh out loud. I couldn't help it. It was to hilarious to read about your potty observations. Buchi wasn't potty trained but after 3 years of living like this, I am glad he's quickly picked up now that I'm the one taking care of him. He's a leg raiser and he also loves pooping everywhere. I mean, even after being done with his potty, you'd think they'd all gone out. The moment we go to another place, he'll leave another one.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  8. Hi Guys,

    I'm a leg lifter too, my buddy Cosmo next door taught me all about it, he told me it's cool if you're a Male Dog, however, if there's nothing to lift onto I just squat (a Manly squat of course, nothing Girlie!)….. :)

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  9. How funny that he prefers private poops! Being submerged in a bush must make it hard for you to clean up, though! ;)

  10. I saw the title of the post and fell in love. We will be fast friends, as I am a poop Nazi. I monitor the dogs poops. I was told that male dogs do not lift unless they are taught. Since Sampson was the only puppy her squatted for quite some time. After he turned one our trainer said if he hasn't done it by now he won't. I was so embarrassed for him, to be all squatting like the other dogs would pick on him or something! Then one day lo and behold he lifted his leg! Now he lifts more than squats, but he does squat sometimes.

    As for pooping, Delilah will stop and drop a deuce wherever she is, she is like Honey Badger, she just don't give a sh*t. Sampson prefers privacy, he goes off the trail and if he catches you looking at him gives you the eye.

    See, I told you we'd be friends. :-)

  11. Thanks everyone for stopping by! Love the funny bathroom stories and differences!

  12. Jake doesn't lift his very much, the only time he does if when Baby Girl pees, he always finds the exact spot she went and lifts his leg about 2 inches off the ground and aims the stream right on where she went. we call it Using Baby's Potty

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