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Not a Morning Dog!

You know how they say people are either night people or morning people?  Well, I am a night person, and so is Murray!  I have never known dogs  to "sleep in", but he does!  There is no face licking or wet nose snooting from this guy in the morning.  Any work day when we have to get the dogs up, fed and out to the bathroom before we head to work early in the morning, Murray is as stubborn as a mule!  Jamie and I can both be up showering, eating and just generally getting ready, and Murray is content to lounge in bed and just watch and/or doze off again.  Most mornings he literally has to be peeled out of the bed.  Nothing is wrong with him, he's always been like this, he just likes to be in bed.  He even likes the word "bed".  When he hears it his ears perk up and his head tilts to the side.  I guess he's just a dog after my own heart :)

Not a "rise and shine" dog! (He blends in!)

Breakfast in bed on vacation..the LIFE!


  1. I like sleeping in too! When I have to get up, I stretch and stretch, then have mom rub my belly . . . then I will get up if I have to. Mom calls me Rip Van Winkle.

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. We're up EARLY...cause we love our early morning walk. But then we're happy to get in a few naps.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Me, you say out and I am Ready, Bites, he will moop around lay back down unitl Dad says OUT!!! He also like the bed around 9 he is gone, me I am up until THEY go to bed around 10:30.

    Your Furends
    Susie & Recliner Bites

  4. Our dog Nina is always the last one out of bed in the morning.


  5. ! will trade you - Finn is a 5am-er!! Weekends are a bit tough when we'd like to sleep in and she is ready to roll!

  6. Hi Murray...So Hap-pee to meet you too. I'm not a morning dog either. In fact on weekends when I hear Dad get up, I immediately hide under the covers for a few more hours. Sometimes Mom has to pull me out of bed by my toenails to get me to wake up.....BWHahahahaha

  7. I'm not really a morning dog either but show me the leash, and I'll be out of the door in seconds!!

  8. Hehehehe...that's me too (unless I have to go potty)! :-) Bed is the best place! You lucky pup though, breakfast and bed!? What is this magical thing?!

  9. Oh Murray BOL breakfast in bed. Nice one! Have a great Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Breakfast in bed is only a vacation thing because I am not the best eater away from home!

  11. What a sweet Gracie isn't a morning dog either!!

  12. Sampson used to be that way. Delilah has changed all that. But time was when I would call him to get up like I had to call the kids. :-) Just so he could potty before I left. Now he gets up early, eats and goes back to sleep.


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