Sunday, July 29, 2012


We celebrated Grandma's birthday (and Murray's adoption day) last night at camp.  Didn't take many pics, but thanks to Cathy, Katie, Steve, Rory, Liz, Don, Jeremiah, Kelly, Darrin and Devin for being there too!  You didn't get into any pictures!  Murray was perfectly behaved, of course.  Piper had to stay home, as his social skills are not anything to brag about.  He would have been trying to run out the door, sit on people and just being an all around nudge.  A good time was had by all...and Piper got a left over hot dog when we got home.

**Update**  Thanks to Jamie, Evan and Becky too!  Even though you're in pics, you deserve a mention too!

Murray and Evan looking for the visiting dogs
Murray giving Grandma a b-day kiss and Jamie being nutty

Becky and Murray love 
The birthday scene

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