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A Natural Flea and Tick Remedy...Maybe?

Apple Cider Vinegar - A Holistic Remedy for Dogs - Whole Dog Journal Article

As I have mentioned before, Murray has some kind of skin condition/allergy that shows up only on the skin along his spine.  I keep returning to the idea that it is somehow linked to the topical flea and tick meds I use (Advantix) because that is exactly where they are placed once a month.  I was due to apply the meds for the month of August about a week ago. I first decided to hold off until we shaved and bathed him on Friday,  using the excuse in my head that we'd wash all the medicine away.  As the weekend came and went, and now we're 4 days past his bath, I am still hesitant to apply the meds.  To be honest, I know dogs need flea and tick repellent (warm months of the year), but I really wish there were more natural and safe solutions out there.  Long story short, I have been researching today.  I came across many many different plants, oils and solutions that some people swear by, while others did not (and just about scared me to death!).  The only one I felt safe mentioning and/or trying myself was apple cider vinegar.  I read about people saying it has to be ingested by the dog and some people who use it simply as a skin spray on their dogs, and some people who did both.  Being conservative, I would probably start by using it as a topical spray.  Please share in the comments if anyone has experience with this solution and how well it worked.  I am probably not going to try it out until September because we are doing some traveling in August and I am too nervous not to have the boys fully protected with their Advantix.

Apple Cider Vinegar Flea and Tick Spray

Equal parts apple cider vinegar and water.  Mix in a spray bottle and spray on liberally, or pour into a sponge and massage into skin.


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