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Hello :)

Murray's Mouth...what does that mean?  Well, I have a lovable, smart and all around adorable dog named Murray.  Is it going too far to say he is the light of my life???  Well, crazy or not, he pretty much is.  He's a 5 year old Goldendoodle who, from the moment we picked him up,wanted to cuddle, learn, do all he could to please us and just simply BE with us.  I do have a second dog named Piper and he is great too.  He was more of a "difficult" dog from the moment we got him though, but with lots of love and patience he has come a long way.  He is an 8 year old Golden Retriever, and a BIG one at that (he pushes 100lbs.)!  The 2 boys get along great!  Murray immediately submitted to Piper when he came in as a puppy, so he's always been the one in charge and Murray is just fine with that.  In this blog I plan to share our adventures, review products I come across and any other dog tips and tricks along the way.  I am not an expert and I have many moments of "not knowing" things about dogs.  In those times I can be found searching the web, calling my vet (sometimes frantically and sometimes overreacting as my husband might say) or calling one of my dog friends for advice.  Now I can even post questions here!  Yay!  So, thanks for stopping by and welcome to Murray's Mouth!




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