Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Keepin Cool

Murray has some trouble with the sometimes extreme heat of summer.  Even though we do live in the northeast, summers are hot, especially this one!  We trim his coat pretty short about once a month, but if he is more active than just a short jaunt in the yard, he overheats.  I bought a "cool collar" a few years back that seemed to make a big difference.  I went into a panic after my uncle's dog died after a walk in the summer heat and I raced to Petsmart to buy anything that said "cool" on it (see...a little crazy).  I found the "Outward Hound Cool It Bandana".  You wet it down and then I placed it in the fridge or sometimes a short while in the freezer.  Seemed the cool wetness around Murray's neck and chest kept his temperatures down.  Well, that bandana had lived it's last days and I am now looking to either buy it again, or ask if anyone has a better recommendation they have come across.  If anyone is interested in the bandana, I have not been able to find them in stores any longer, but it can be ordered online in all sizes.  Oh yeah, I am not a mean dog mom...Piper doesn't have issues with heat.  As long as we use common dog sense, he is fine and not in major need of a cool collar, but I will probably get him one this time too!

Murray sporting the cool bandana

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