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A Place to Lay My Head

Murray loves it when I say "Wanna go to bed?"...his ears perk up and his head tilts as if he is making sure he heard me right.  We have a nightly routine of going outside one last time and then coming in for a tiny bedtime food snack (which Murray needs and I will explain later).  Murray grabs a toy (which he knows them all to be called "balls") and we all race upstairs.  Murray knows this is his time to spend on our bed.  We used to do this with Piper too, but when it came time to get down on the floor, Piper would snarl and become per our dog school trainer, we do not allow Piper on the bed at night.  So Murray settles in for an hour or so while Jamie (my husband) and I wind down watching TV and playing on our iPods.  When the time comes for both boys to settle on the floor, they get to split a milk-bone and head to their "beds".  Piper prefers a cushioned mat on Jamie's side of the bed but they also both alternate and share an awesome dog bed from Orvis.  We have an Orvis bed in our living room too...which Murray loves, but it generally gets taken over by the cat and Murray doesn't cross the cat.  We decided to get a second Orvis bed for the bedroom as we now know Murray is definitely a "bed dog".  So if anyone is looking for some great dog beds for their pooch, check out Orvis.  We are lucky enough to have an outlet not too far from us.  If you can locate one of those, you'll really save some bucks.  And just to brag a little, Piper's brother was a doggie model in the Orvis catalog!  What great genes LOL.

Here is the Orvis dog bed page for some fun browsing:

Orvis Dog Beds

Murray as a pup on his Orvis Dog Nest

The bedroom Orvis dog bed

Piper trying out the new Orvis bed in the car on the way home!
Murray's turn!


  1. My Jack must be related to Murray because he has almost the same exact bed time routine. Accept he gets no bed time in the people bed and his bed is from LL Bean. Dogs do have a wonderful life and our Jack makes us very, very happy ;-)!


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