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July Shave and Bathe

The time has come :(

Today is the day Murray hopes never comes each month in the summer (and Jamie was a big complainer about it today too).  Murray is so happy when it's over, but he is the saddest dog around during his monthly shaving and bathing.  As soon as he hears the hallway closet door squeak open, he heads for the hills!  That is where we store the shaving supplies.  It takes both Jamie and I to move his sometimes limp and sometimes stiff 94 pounds around on the floor.  Once in position, it's like he plays dead.  I do the shaving (and sitting and rolling around in his gobs of hair) and Jamie does the holding, and most of the positioning.  Piper gets a mini shave down.  Just the spots that are matted and need it.  He doesn't tolerate much shaving without some lip, literally.  You probably wonder why I don't just go to a groomer.  I could easily say that shaving at home saves money, and it does, but that's not my main reason.  Murray is very attached to me.  When he meets new people he is very cautious and sometimes scared.  Also, when I leave him home alone he gives me such a depressed look as I go out the door and drive away, it just about breaks my heart.  So, I cannot imagine dropping him off to have his shaving done, alone with a stranger... something he hates most in the world.  Yes, most people will say he'd be fine and he'd adjust, but it's just not something I am going to do to him or me.  After the shave he bounds from the sea of hair on the floor and next comes the bath.  He doesn't love this either (as I discussed his lack of love for being totally wet) but somehow he gets through.  He also has a skin condition I will talk about later, so I think the soothing oatmeal bath feels good once he gives into it.  Piper, who loves water, doesn't care for the bath either.  Maybe I should look at myself as the bather haha!  He doesn't give me much of a problem though.  The pictures below tell the whole story themselves.  I know Murray is happy today is coming to an end, and I think I am right there with him!

The Tool Box
The Tools

During Shaving :(
Am I done???

We could make another dog!

CAUGHT!  Bath Time!

A Good Shake

Running From The Hose

All Done!
All Done!


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