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Why License Your Dog?

Most cities require your dog to be licensed by law.  It is generally very affordable and is to be renewed annually.  If you are like me, I never knew the true reasons behind dog licensing laws.  Here are the reasons... 

1. Licensed dogs have a greater chance of being returned home if lost.  Dogs found wearing their license tags can be looked up and reunited with their owners. (Don't forget micro-chipping as well!)

2. Helps keep the public safe from rabies.  When licensing your dog, a rabies vaccination is required.  Your city is ensuring the dog population stays safe, and in turn the human population as well. (I would like to see cities accept titer tests as proof of immunity against rabies as well).

3. Identifies to strangers who might find your lost dog, that your dog is not a stray.

4. Helps your city organization regulate aggressive dogs and investigate any incidents involving a dog, to keep everyone safe.

5. Many times licensing fees help fund local shelters.

Support your local shelters...license!


  1. WE have OUR Licenses... THIS year they are shaped like the Rt. 66 Road signs and are silver... they are different shapes and colors EVERY year.
    BUTT we don't guess they are any good fur allowing us to drive Jennifer Jeep.

  2. We are proudly licensed, but Lady needs to put our license tags on our collars. She gets an F for that (actually this years came when she only had use of one arm so it would have been too hard to do).

  3. Yep Mom and Dad totally agree, our Husky got out once and he was returned because of his tags. The shots here cover a lot more then rabies, but living out in the country we need that!

    The Mad Scots

  4. We are licensed and chipped!

    Your pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. We got our new licenses yesterday. Now River thinks she can drive

  6. They got rid of them over here which was a real shame. Now anyone can have a dog which unfortunately includes many who should not. We'd like to see them brought back. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. We did all for being prepared for such a case. But I hope it will be never essential. Have a great friday

  8. It's the law here that dogs and cats must be registered with their local Council.

  9. Ours are different every year too Frankie. I think it helps identify who is up to date. We've had trouble a couple of years where we paid up, but they didn't have the licences made yet. In our state we have separate tags for rabies and licences. The licence comes from the local government, the rabies from your vet. You have to have a rabies certificate to get the licence.


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