Monday, May 19, 2014

2 Worthwhile Apps!

Dog Land- Free

This is a social app for dog lovers.  There is photo sharing, fellow dog lover interactions, tips, and connections to Facebook and Twitter etc!  It's a great app for sharing dog photos when you might feel like you're over-sharing on Facebook.  Lots of fun!  The set up is like a cross between Facebook and Instagram with a newsfeed and photo editing options. 

Petmobi- Free

This is also a social app for dog lovers, but it also includes a nutrition and exercise tracker with rewards for pet health.  In your pet profile you set fitness goals and it calculates daily needed calories.  Then you track your pet's nutrition and exercise through the help of the app's large database of pet foods, treats, human food, exercises, distance and time.  It also allows you to connect with others through updates, likes and comments, all on your own wall!  It keeps records of your pet weigh ins too!  It's really cute and just great to promote dog health.

Lets get tracking!


  1. I like the Petmobi app, it's perfect, I'm still on a diet. Thanks for sharing two great ideas :o)

  2. They sound great but sadly we do not have a smart phone just a dumb one. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly


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