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Highlights From Memorial Day Weekend: Murray's Point Of View

Friday night rolled around and just as I was getting to relaxing into my weekend, they stuffed me in the Jeep along with lots of food, pillows and bags of stuff!  Some of the stuff was mine so I knew were in for a long haul.  Piper took up most of the available space so I kept to my small corner of the backseat, and off we went!  Our destination...CAMP!  Now not campING exactly.  I'm talking a kind of summer house up in the woodsy Adirondack Park.  Mom tells me, and I have to agree, that I am a great traveler and I seem more comfortable with it each year.  So being the good boy that I am, I knew I was in for a fun adventure!  Here are my highlights...

*We build a real fire inside the house at camp.  At home we push a button to turn ours on and it's behind glass, but this one is touchable!  I stay away, not just because my worry wart mom tells me too, but that thing shoots at me!  I swear it does!  I never saw any bullets, but the loud popping sound that woke me from a sound sleep was definitley theat fire trying to kill me!

*I got to sleep in bed of course, but this bed is just a full bed, not a queen like at home, so I got to snuggle real close and hog space and covers!  Mom and Dad even rotated their position to put their heads at the foot of the bed so I could sleep at their feet, which was actually the head of the bed.  Confused yet?  They were worried I would roll off the bed in the middle of the night and hurt myself because the foot board on this bed was very low.  The head board helped keep me on the bed.  It was funny when Mom and Dad kept losing their pillows off the foot-head board!  Hehe

*I got to sniff, wander and poop in tall woodsy grass!  I even lost my listening skills here and there a bit.  I could hear Mom and Dad calling me or telling me what to do, but my nose took over and kept leading me away sometimes!  Oops!

*I did have to make a quick trip to the vet.  No worries, it was a scheduled appointment for my titer test and heartworm/lymes test.  Actually, let me take that back...absolutely worry!!!  My doctor, who is super nice and friendly, just has the darnedest time finding a vein in my leg to draw out the red stuff!  After what I know had to be 20 pokes, blood streaming down both legs and Mom freaking out a bit, he took it from my neck.  One and done!  Phew!

*I had lots of car rides = one happy dog...nuff said.

*Mom gave Piper and I big bone treats, which was especially nice after my traumatic doctor visit.

*I ate a grilled hot dog- YUM YUM!

All in all it was lots of fun!  I was tired for the last 2 days, but I guess that's when you know it was a good time :)  Woof!


  1. Sorry you had to go to the blood stealers even if it was routine but glad you had a lovely time. Now that is so kind of the peeps to let you sleep by the headboard. Hope the pillows didn't fall on the floor too many times LOL. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly


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