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Springtime Dog Safety Tips

Plants- Blooming springtime plants can pose a danger to your dog if ingested.  Keep you dog away from plants such as bittersweet, day lilies, lilies of the valley, tiger lilies, azaleas, crocus', ferns, morning glories, and tulips.

Spring Runoff- This time of year water seems to be running from everywhere!  We live on a hill so I see it running down everyone's driveway, sidewalks and through yards.  Then of course there are the puddles that form from the runoff.  It's important to remember you have no idea what's in runoff, and you should keep your dog from walking in it and drinking it.  Anything from rock salt, antifreeze, pesticides and pool chemicals can be washing down through your neighborhoods this time of year.

Cocoa Mulch- It's a common site to see people out gardening in the springtime and mulch has become a very popular gardening item... but one type in particular is dangerous for your dog.  Cocoa mulch contains caffeine and theobromine (same as chocolate) and can be toxic to your pup.  Keep it out of their reach and from walking through it. 

Garden and Lawn Fertilizers- For hopefully obvious reasons, the chemicals in these products are toxic to your dog.  Look for pet safe or organic fertilizers.  Also, keep your pet off lawns and gardens of others if you aren't sure they are safe.

Springtime Debris- Things like tree branches,garbage, broken glass and animal waste are just a few of things you'll want to keep your dog getting his mouth or paws on.  Until streets, sidewalks, yards and fields are spring cleaned, keep a close eye out.

Mothballs- The chemicals that cause the scent in mothballs is toxic to all of us.  Keep them sealed up tightly and out of your dog's reach.

Ant Bait- Both the small, often plastic containers that ant bait is packaged in, along with the pesticides inside, are harmful for your dog.

Flea and Tick Medications and Preventatives- It's important to make an informed decision, with the help of your vet, as to which flea and tick treatments are best for you and your dog.  There are natural solutions and chemical solutions.  Some feel natural products don't work as well as the chemical ones, while some natural product users feel they work even better! It's important to consider your dog's level of risk.  If you choose to go the chemical route, there are many options and it's important to learn about your choices.  Some repel, some repel and kill, and there are collars, sprays, drops and pills.  Some are found to even be safer than others.  Please do your research.

Allergies-  Keep an eye out for any display of allergies within your dog.  He could show coughing, flaky skin, itching, sneezing or a greasy looking coat.  If you suspect an allergy, speak with your vet.

Other Animals- Nice weather brings out more people, pets and wildlife.  It's a time to be extra cautious for things that might trigger your dog or another animal to react.

Cleansers- Spring cleaning equals household cleansers in full force!  There are pet safe options and natural products you can both purchase or make yourself. 

Bring on the springtime fun!


  1. We only eat GRASS... We call it LAWN SALAD. or GRAZING hehehe
    I (Frankie Furter) ONCE.... O N C E licked a TOAD... and I FOAMED at the mouth and scared mom !!!!! Watch out fur TOADS... LOOK don't LICK.

  2. BOL BOL funny Frankie's comment re lawn salad. Good point and we note toads too. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Excellent tips for springtime!!! Thank you!! Our brother licked a toad too...BOL!!

  4. Thanks for the wise advice. We will try to remember not to drink the delicious looking puddle water or eat the good smelling mulch

  5. We didn't know tulips were toxic. We planted some last fall, so will watch when they come out. Keeping the dogs out of the water on the road and the yard is always a challenge! At least the puddle out front is just rain water! Thanks for your tips, they are always very helpful.

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