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Using Coconut Oil With Your Dog

As I'm sure we are all looking for more and more ways to naturally promote wellness in our dogs, I'm here to tell you to look no further than organic coconut oil.  If you haven't heard how beneficial it is for humans, than you probably have no idea it is great for dogs too.  Assuming your dog doesn't have an allergy to coconut oil (and always talk to your vet), this can be a wonderful additive to your pup's diet as well as used topically.

Brushing Teeth
When eaten, coconut oil is beneficial to your dog in many ways: by aiding in digestion, detoxifying, helping to ease arthritis discomfort, promoting healthy thyroid function, helping to reduce cancer risks, helping to stabilize weight and increasing energy.   When starting out feeding your dog coconut oil, it's best to begin slow so you don't give your dog any unnecessary stomach upset.  It's safe to work up to about 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds of your dog's weight, but I wouldn't start with more than 1/4 a teaspoon per 10 pounds in the beginning.  Perhaps also consider spreading out the dosage throughout the day into multiple feedings. Most dogs enjoy the taste of coconut oil, so getting them to take it shouldn't be an issue.  Since they like the taste, it is also great to use for brushing their teeth.  You'll be cleaning their teeth and freshening their breath all at once!  

Paw Cream
Topically, this oil will leave your dog smelling great!  It can be very soothing when used on dry skin, dry paws/elbows, bug bites, small cuts and even in their ears.  A small amount rubbed or dropped into the ears can help prevent those nasty ear infections many dogs are prone to.

Treats Ears

There doesn't seem to be any downsides to bringing organic coconut oil into your dog's life (and yours).  What's the saying?  "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"...  Yeah that!


  1. We always have coconut oil on hand. Never thought of giving it to Gracie but now I will :-) Thanks for the good advice!

  2. Oh, we get coconut oil on our dinner every evening, wow it's great. Didn't know about the ears, Mom has some drops for ours, maybe we better try the oil.

    The Mad Scots

  3. We keep meaning to get wiggle on and buy some and try it out. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Thanks for a great post! We will try it! I like that it is practically a "one-for-all"

  5. Momma puts coconut oil on her hair. I like to lick her fingers afterwards! I'll tell her to try putting some in Cinderella's ears to help her out. Thanks!

  6. LOVE Coconut Oil and use it a lot. It's a miracle oil. Great list. Golden Woofs


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