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Seizure Alert Dogs

Dogs...amazing dogs serving in more and more ways!  Did you know people with seizure disorders can now seek out support from our furry friends?  Some dogs are becoming "seizure alert dogs", yet another kind of service dog.  These amazing dogs are trained to do such things as get medicine, notify others for help and stay and support the person suffering the seizure.  It's not certain what exactly the dog picks up on that allows them to know a seizure is coming, but whatever it is that they sense can be great help in getting the patient to a safe place or position, getting medical attention in a more timely manner and overall just being a more calming presence.  It is thought that it could be a certain tone of voice change, a behavior change or possibly an odor a patient gives off that alerts the dog of an oncoming seizure, or possibly a mix of all three.  There are also many breeds that are capable of this skill and therefor can be trained to assist.  Of course this makes sense, as our dogs alert us all the time to things going on around us.  I know mine alert me if anyone so much as dares to walk by our house!  Haha  So why wouldn't they be capable of alerting us to more serious issues?  Dogs "talk" to us all the time.  Our job is to tune in and listen.

On alert


  1. Just another reason for me to love, and be completely in awe of dogs.

  2. We've seen those dogs in the movies. Another fantastic way we help humans.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  3. We bow to the endless abilities of our canine friends. They never stop amazing us. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly


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