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Our Top 10 Bark Triggers

We're barkers in our house.  We bark at all sorts of things!  Sometimes I'm not sure exactly what it is Piper and Murray are barking at, and I'm not sure they do either.  Here are a few items on our "barking frenzy" list.

*Doorbells...both real and on TV
*Voices in the neiborhood
*Dogs walking anywhere within sight of our house
*UPS, FedEx, Postman etc
*Neighbors coming and going next door from their own house
*Knocking anywhere...doesn't have to be at the door
*Strange cars stopping in front of our house
*People walking down our street
*The wind
And on and on and on....


  1. THOSE all sound BARKWORTHY to US... butt don't furget... Squirrels....

  2. We have the same list with wildlife both in the yard and on tv. Barking is important.

  3. We bark at ALL those things too! Don't forget to bark at the oven, when you smell something GOOD! BOL

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  4. We have a pair of barkers here too. We can't see the road or neighbors so our triggers are wildlife and delivery trucks. We don't have a doorbell so our dogs don't even recognize one when it plays on TV. Who needs a doorbell with two barking dogs?

  5. Beamer barks at all of those too. It drives me nuts!

  6. LOL guilty of most of those. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Well, I don't know what the problem is...all of those are barkworthy at my house too. If we don't bark how would any of the peeps know what is going on in and around the house?

  8. When the sneaky spies across the street start up with their antics, I bark up a storm to alert Momma. She tries telling me "it's just the neighbors using their garage, Casey! They're allowed!", but I know better!


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