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Goin For A SAFE Ride!

* Never allow your dog to sit on your lap while you drive.  He could fall out the window, be crushed by an airbag (or you), get twisted in the steering wheel etc.

* Any dog sitting or standing in the front passenger seat while riding is at risk of the airbag deploying as well.

* Restraints or crates are a safe option to keep your pet secure.

* Lock windows so your pup cannot step on the button and roll it down and get out. 

* Don't allow your dog to hold his head out the window (at high speeds especially).  Bugs, dirt and debris can enter and injure their eyes.

* I believe in unhooking loose leashes during car rides so they don't get hung up and become a choking hazard, but make sure leashes are on before opening your doors so your dog doesn't bolt. 

* Make sure you always have the keys.  If you close the door with your dog inside, those bouncy paws just might step on the lock and lock you out!

* Don't forget a bowl, fresh water and snacks!  Potty breaks are needed on longer rides too!

* Car pet beds/mats are a nice, comfortable option.

* ID tag your dog...or better yet, microchip!

* DON'T LEAVE DOGS IN HOT CARS!  Even in cool weather dogs are stolen and injure themselves when left alone inside cars.  Be aware!

* NEVER allow you dog to ride in an open truck bed.  It's not safe.  They could get loose. They're out in the cold, heat, wind, rain, snow and whatever else is in the air.  Not good!
We haven't left the driveway yet here.  He only sits in front if we're parked!  LOL


  1. OMD the BRILLIANT colors of FALL.... BEAUTIFUL...
    THIS was a grand post... We have car Harnesses.

  2. Thanks for the safety concerns, we abide my most, cause we ride in the back seat with restraints.....sometimes Bites does ride up front, but the air bag is turned off!

    The Mad Scots

  3. Good safety tips but sadly as I get car sick I seldom go for a ride. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. great tips! I always wear my harness and I'm always banned on the back seat... together with my momma lol

  5. Great reminder, I'm just big enough now to ride in the back, just looking for a good harness for me
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


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