Sunday, October 26, 2014

Always In The Car

Having your car "dog ready" at all times will not only help in times of need, but is super convenient anytime you hop in the car together.  Here are a few things we keep in our car.

*An extra leash for both dogs
*An extra collar/harness for both dogs
*A ball or toy
*Poop bags
*Dog mat or small bed
*Food/water dish
*Water jug
*Dog ramp (we have an SUV and two big dogs)
*Health records


  1. Good reminders!! I always keep a spare leash in case I run across a lost one that needs some help, and have even started putting a small crate just in case too!

  2. Thanks for the list. I am printing it out for Mom

  3. You have some great ideas there - like an extra leash and collar. I keep a water jug in the car all summer but it freezes in the winter so I have to remember on every ride to bring some!

  4. An excellent reminder for everybody! I have all of those things in my car at all times...just in case! Except for the dog ramp. I used to have the ramp when Zippo was alive. Now, I just pick the girls up.

  5. Sadly we don't do car trips as I am always sick but good tips. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Great idea keeping things always in the car! I should have Ma do the same, just in case!

  7. Your car sounds just like mine! I also try to always have my camera but that doesn't always get remembered. It can't stay in the car as it is needed elsewhere and of course could be stolen.

  8. Great reminders! We're passing this list on to our dad!! Thanks for sharing!


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