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Avoid Dog Poisons

Food- Many foods that seem perfectly harmless, can be very dangerous to your dog.  Keep your dog away from the following foods:
*Garlic (safe in small amounts)
*Broccoli (safe in small amounts)
*Xylitol (found in sugarless gum, some candies and some cookies)
*Alcoholic drinks
*Chocolate (see HERE for what to do if your dog eats chocolate)
*Macadamia nuts
*Cherry, peach, apricot and apple pits
*Fat trimmed from steaks (trouble for a dog's pancreas)
*Cooked bones (not poisonous but they can splinter when cooked)

Antifreeze- Car antifreeze is lethal for dogs.  Don't expect that your dog will turn it's nose up to if it ever gets close.  Vehicle antifreeze smells and tastes sweet to dogs and they are very likely to lick it up.  Even a small taste can be fatal.  It is crucial to bring your dog to the vet immediately if you believe he has ingested antifreeze.  

Cleaning Products- keep the following out of reach from your pup
*Dish soap
*Laundry detergent
*Dryer sheets
*Stain sticks

Human Medication- Keep your own medications out of possible reach from your dog.  It is also never safe to give your dog any human medication without direct instruction from your vet.

House Plants- House plants should be kept at levels your dog cannot reach.  Dangling leaves are very tempting to wandering pups.

Pesticides, Lighter Fluid, Gasoline and Charcoal-  These are best either kept locked up or outside in sealed container in a garage where there is no chance of your dog finding them.  The same goes for items such as batteries, cocoa mulch (even better, don't use this kind of mulch!), and mothballs.

Garbage- It's important that your trash receptacles have lids and are not easy for your dog to lift.  Sneaky pups are pretty clever at sniffing out something of interest and finding their way in.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Safe!

My name is Murray and I steal trash.


  1. We didn't know about the xylitol... Thanks for the warning!

  2. Wow some of those we did not know like figs. Great to re-cap. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. we will print your list, many thanks, Murray. I'm a TRASHure hunter too, so we always dispose the dangerous things directly without stopover in our trashcan. have a super easter/passover weekend.

  4. Good reminders, we want to be sure to stay safe!


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