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7 Basic Good (Dog) Manners To Teach

It's important to teach your dog how to properly behave around others in your home and when out in public.  Your house guests will feel more welcome if you have a well mannered pooch, and you will feel less agitated and more in control with some good doggie manners in place.  Here are some basics to start...

* No jumping up
* Leave it (telling your pup not to touch something)
* No pulling on the leash
* Teach only to chew on safe dog toys or chews.  Lots of redirecting!
* "Settle" or "go to your place" such as in a crate or on a dog bed nearby
* "Quiet" to stop a barking dog (this one is tough in my opinion)
* Wait patiently before exiting a door

Showing off our good manners


  1. Are we supposed to do all of those? Can we pick just one?

  2. Yikes we fail on a few of those. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Seems we have to work a lot to be well prepared for christmas :o)
    Easy Rider

  4. Blueberry used to be pretty good at not jumping up, until she did it one day in the park with the hot dog lady and we both (foolishly) laughed - since then, B thinks it's a trick that I love so I am having to retrain her.

    How about we have top 7 things humans should be trained on in approaching dogs? ;) I almost hugged a couple of people that were wise enough to simply stand and admire Blueberry and let her size them up and then she would approach them so they could give her pets. Most people just lunge at her and she ducks and moves away.

  5. We can do those BUTT if we are too distracted we might not do them for more than a nanosecond!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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