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3 Reasons Why A Puppy Is Not A Good Christmas Gift

In most cases, getting a puppy for a Christmas gift is a bad idea.  A puppy is likely going to be a 15 year commitment, and it's certainly not an impulse buy.

* The weather in many parts of the world is cold!  Puppies need many many trips outside to do their business.  That's much more comfortable for you and the puppy if it's not freezing out.  It's also better to choose a time of year when you have extra time and will be comfortable spending quality time waiting and playing with your pup outside.

* A puppy is not a toy, and sometimes small kids treat them like they are.  It's best to separate the idea of "Christmas toys" and a "new puppy".

* The holiday season is chaotic enough without tossing s needy puppy into the mix.  Puppies need a lot of your time and commitment.  A new pup will either take away from your holiday fun or your new pup will in some way likely be a bit neglected with all the holiday bustle.


  1. Seems like there should be 101 reasons!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Very good reasons. I admit our first puppy, angel Loki was an early Christmas gift. He came into our lives on December 7. However, he was something we had talked about getting for about 5 years. As I was a student at the time, it was the perfect time because it was exams and I was home a lot. For us it worked out, but I wouldn't suggest it to most people!

  3. That's as crazy as humans trying to make a baby on April 25 so it will be born on Christmas. What? They do that? Humans are nuts.

  4. Good points. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Those are very good points! Momma did get me in the Christmas season, but that was by accident. She had applied with the rescue several months earlier, and it just happened that she finally got approved and met the RIGHT dog in mid-December. She was about to give up her search until after the holidays so that she wouldn't get a dog right in the disruptive times.


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