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Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

*See your vet for a check up and to gather any necessary records.  We always travel with recent vaccine records.

*Do proper research into dog friendly accommodations.  Whether it's a hotel, rental or campground...not all of them are pet friendly.   Some really go above and beyond to accommodate your and your dog, while others merely tolerate them.  Read reviews.

* My personal opinion is that unless your dog is small enough to be allowed inside the cabin of an airplane, leave your pup safely behind under good care while flying to your destination.  Cargo is not pleasant for any dog. 

*Make sure your dog is micro chipped AND ID tagged on his collar.

*Pack your dog necessities.  HERE is my list.

*While traveling, stop for drink and pee breaks every few hours.

*Become aware of local veterinarians where you will be traveling to.

*Research which outdoor dining eateries are dog friendly.  Not many are, so don't assume.

*Many beaches are NOT dog friendly during peak months.  Again, do your proper research and learn where and when you are allowed to bring your dog for a swim.

*Vacationing can mean lots of activity for your dog that he may not be used to.  Allow time for your dog to relax each day and be calm for his meals.

*Consider a "cool collar" if you plan to have your dog outside during your vacation in warmer months.  Our cool collars make a big difference when out sightseeing with our boys.

Vacationing at the beach!


  1. Maybe someday we'll be able to a real beach!

  2. What an awesome picture of the beach!! Very informative post and ALL great pieces of info!! Since we are seasoned travelers in the RV, mama has it down to a science! We just love it! In the car...not so much. In fact, we really don't go in the car much at all. WISH we were at the beach now!!

  3. Travelling is a sore point with us LOL. We are well and truly grounded. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Some excellent advice!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Mayorz For All Paws


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