Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Murray Tip: Great Photos!

Murray is camera shy.  I swear that when he so much as sees the camera, his head drops down and he downright refuses to even look at me, so I've had to develop some tricks.  Murray knows quite a few words...both good and bad most dogs do.  When I want his attention for a cute photo opp, I say something exciting to "wanna treat?"  That generally gets his attention with the cutest of expressions.  Just be ready with your finger on the camera button right as you say the magic words...the looks don't last long...and of course be sure to say words you're willing to deliver on.  If I offer a treat, a treat it will be!


  1. There is a bark box camera app that is pretty great. It makes sound effects to get their attention.

    1. Yes, I've tried some before! It gets Murray's attention like once, then he's over it! LOL

  2. Our boy Sunny is afraid of the camera, THANKS for the thought of using treats to try and change that--I did that initially, but haven't in awhile, it may be time to try it again. THANKS again!

  3. Good job treats no pose. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I am thankful that the girls are food makes photos possible!! Thanks! Hope you all had a great weekend!


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