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Murray's Messages

Every dog has their own little unique personality and traits that make them so very special.  Murray's little quirks and how he communicates with me is no different.  He amazes me in just how much he can tell me sometimes.

*He tells me he wants to get on the bed by standing next to our bed and resting his head on the edge.
*He tells me he wants to go outside by ringing a bell on the doorknob.  In the summer the door is open so he can't reach the bell.  Instead he plants himself in the kitchen doorway and stares at us until me make eye contact.
*When I'm leaving the house and he really wants to go with me, he stands and stares at his leashes on the hooks in our entryway.
*At night, if I'm staying up too late for him, he comes up and licks and snoots my arm until we go to bed.
*If I'm eating something he would like a taste of, he snoots the bag, box, plate etc. (that one isn't always so great, but still pretty funny)
*When he wants one of his own treats he sits by the treats and stares back and forth from the treats to me.

Just love him!


  1. I know that stare from the door. We do it too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. We are all unique...and it takes time to train HER, but eventually SHE gets our messages.

  3. Great post! Isn't it amazing how well a dog can communicate without words?! It's also amazing how much English they actually understand.

  4. Dogs are just wonderful! I guessed it!


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