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Hot Dog Days

Murray is sad at the end of a hot summer day when he isn't able to get a walk or play very much.  Most days in the summer it's just too hot for him.  He also doesn't like to swim...or I should say he can't swim.  What types of exercise does everyone else do with their pups in the heat?


  1. I try to amuse Blueberry in the house by hiding treats. I am also thinking of getting her either a Kong or one of those puzzle games. It's abysmal here. 114 today I think. We are melting too. With my old dog Shadow, who has since passed, I used to play "wall ball" with her in the house. Throw the racquetball against the wall and she would catch it on the rebound. It was great! Unfortunately, Blueberry is really picky about what she considers fun. Oh! I also feed her ice cubes. Keeps her hydrated and she feels like she is getting extra snacks!

  2. Well ours don't like the heat very much, but they do have a baby swimming pool that we keep clean and full, they will only walk through it and drink out of it, glad they do, it's hard to make sure they have good water during the while we work


  3. We are lucky we rarely get more than a few very hot days in a row (cold is more an issue for us). Phod will swim and we have a lake about a 3 minute walk away for him. Lee won't swim but she will play on the edge. Other than that, we go for early morning walks and stay quiet.

  4. We're not help. Its been hot here too, and I try to get our crew out for play time when it's early or a little later. Our dog walker is finding that sometimes during the day they won't go out at all, too hot for dogs (hot dogs!)

  5. We play ball inside the house but its easier to get energy out of a small dog doing this than a big dog

  6. We do a lot of snoozing in the shade. Stay cool pals. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly


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