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Dog Boots!

Reasons to use boots on your pup...
*Keeps your dog from chewing on his paws
*Keeps toxins found both outside, and sometimes inside, off his paws
*Keeps your dog from scratching himself excessively
*Keeps frostbite at bay
*Keeps burns from hot pavements at bay
*Provides protection from injuries to nails and pads
*Keeps paws clean
*Some brands provide added traction on slippery surfaces

These boots were made for walkin...


  1. WOW, you can sure see you coming with those well do they stay on and what brand are they? We get ice balls on our paws.

    The Mad Scots

    1. We got them years ago and they're Muttluks. I think the simple rubber ones are a better choice now. They come in multiple packs and are meant to be disposable when they wear out and easily replaceable if one (or two) get lost!

  2. There is no way I would wear them. I can't wear ANYTHING! But mom thinks they look very nice!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Sound reasons, but we don't think we'd wear them. We don't like ANYTHING on but a collar.

  4. Nice one Murray and looking good in those. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. absolutely, you can walk till memphis or amarillo with that boots, I like the color together with your fur!
    easy rider

  6. You are so cute in your boots!! It doesn't even look like you mind wearing them! Some dogs really don't like them...but we put up with them when it is SO frigid out!!

  7. You look adorable in your booties! Mom has yet to buy some for us, we'd probably just rip them off each other! BOL!


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