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Murray's Top 5 Dog Foods- March 2014

Murray's current top 5 picks for GRAIN FREE dry dog food.  These are all American made with moderate levels of protein.

1. NutriSource Pure Vita by Tuffy's Pet Foods- Produced in Minnesota- Holistic food that's rich in antioxidants.  Great for all life stages. Comes in 3 flavors.

2. AvoDerm Natural- Produced in California- All life stages.  Rich in antioxidants.  Comes in 2 flavors.

3. Natural Balance Alpha Dog Formulas- Produced in California- Multiple sources of protein.  Prebiotics for healthy digestion.  Comes in 3 flavors.

4. Wellness Simple Food Solutions- Produced in Massachusetts- A natural dry food good for dog's with food sensitivities and/or allergies.  Limited ingredients.  Contains both pro and prebiotics to aid in digestion.  No fillers.  Comes in 2 flavors.

5. Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance- Produced in Kansas- Balanced, natural ingredients.  Potatoes for digestions. No preservatives.  Comes in 1 flavor.

Murray Approved!


  1. A friend of mine feeds her dog Wellness Simple Solutions with great success. The dog previously battled allergies, and she decided to try a limited ingredient diet, lucky for the dog.

  2. So glad to have found you Murray, I'm also an my case I'm a Cavoodle!

  3. Good selection there Murray. Have a marvellous Monday and Happy St Patrick's Day.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Those all sound good. Our current favourite is Halo.

  5. you have a great paw for food, I would like to try it too :o) Have a great St. Patricks Day, Murray!

  6. Good list! I've got one more for you! Check into one called Great Life. I usually feed raw, but when we travel I use Great Life kibble. Good stuff!

  7. Did you see the review we did yesterday for the Sojos Raw Dehydrated?? You might be interested! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Your O'Doodle Pals,

    McMurphy & McStanley

    1. No! I'll definitely go read it though! Thanks! Hope you had a happy Irish Day!

  8. We don't eats any of deese but dey sound good! Happy St. Paddy's Day!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  9. It looks like Wellness Simple Solutions might be really good for a dog with allergies. My vet thinks Shyla, my Lab, might be getting food allergies so I'll remember that one.

  10. Hi there! Popping in to say Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!!
    xo Chloe and LadyBug


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