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Dog Insurance

Tonight I have more of a question for all of you than any tid bits of information or cute pics from me.  I am wondering what information you all can share with me regarding pet insurance.  Our Golden just turned 10 this week, and while he is in seemingly great health, I can't help but look to the future and contemplate the costs that could be involved in his healthcare.  Economic euthanasia is very real for so many people, but I just can't bare the thought.  I want to be able to tend to my dogs' needs, whatever they may be.  We have been lucky thus far and believe me we are grateful.  We have a very reasonable vet when it comes to cost, and our guys have been fortunate with their good health.  So, just thinking and planning any of you have advice or experience about the different kinds of pet insurance out there and what are your thoughts on the whole topic?  Thanks in advance!  You have the floor...

Murray waiting to see his doc


  1. OUR Mom looked into Pet Insurance... and found that it is VERY expensive... but for those who DO have it... and a need arises... they feel it is Well Worth the cost.
    There are a LOT of different companies and PLANS... HOMEWORK is NEEDED... don't Rush it...
    It is a very PERSONAL Choice.

  2. Sorry, Mom & Dad have only looked at the cost and they decided they would just slap
    down the green papers to the vet, but the important thing is they that good care of us!

    The Mad Scots

  3. We don't have any either. Too many green papers. Mom said if we need something later they'll just sell the house or something.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. We are across the pond and vets are expensive here but we do have insurance and would not be without it. If you vet is reasonable I'd talk to him and get some advice. You can always open up an account and put some monies in each month as a emergency fund. Then if you need it there it is.
    Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. I have an economic insurance what covers only expensive surgeries. But we will do an upgrade, because I'm a mischief maker. Maybe your vet knows what kind of insurance is the best for you. For us an insurance makes sense :o)

  6. At ten he may very well be too old for insurance, in fact I am almost certain he is. Vet care in the NYC area is incredibly expensive so economic concerns are very real for me, a huge portionof my income goes to vet care. I do have insurance for three of my dogs Norbert, Bob, and Weasley and one cat Scooter. Sadly Tubby and Ping were too old to be insured and my other two cats had pre-existing health conditions. My greatest regret as a pet owner is not insuirng my other pets when they were younger. I have embrace pet insurance with a 500 dollar co pay. I have written about them a great deal on my blog. I selected them because they cover cancer and many other conditions. I have used the insurance to cover most of the cost of Norbers 4000 dollar bloat with gastric torsion surgery 4 years ago. I have never used it for Bob or Weasley, knock on wood, insurance is a gamble since if the pet never has an emergency it wont likely pay off but if they do its a financial life saver.

    urban hounds

  7. Our vet is a very good friend, so we have never looked into it. However, I had a friend who had it for her two dogs. Both got sick and they wouldn't cover all the costs and eventually were cut off. In hindsight they felt they should have saved the amount the paid each month into a fund for the dogs, as it would have allowed coverage. I suggest really looking into the fine print to make sure something like this doesn't happen to you.

    Good luck!

  8. Hi Y'all!

    My Human considered Insurance for me. After research and a family discussion, they decided that a "healthcare savings account" like humans are allowed would be the answer. Unfortunately, such an account for us with paws are not tax deductible like the ones for humans.

    You have to read all the fine print. The higher deductibles are less expensive but beware all the "exclusions". Some policies exclude so much, or have so many "conditions" that it will give the insurance company an "out" instead of paying for the vet care.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  9. Since Bridge became ill with Cushings and heart disease, as a result of it, I have wished a thousand times I had got insurance. We have never had a dog with serious health problems before so it seemed a waste of time. Now it is costing a fortune for her treatment but as you say, the alternative is not something we are going to contemplate.
    Lynne x

  10. I have seriously been contemplating dog insurance. I can sign up for it, and my work will then payroll deduct it if I choose. I don't think I would miss the money so much that way.

  11. We seriously thought about it and talked to a whole lot of people about it...and our final decision came down to...It's difficult to afford healthcare for ourselves at this we will do the very best we can for the girlz too! It does seem to cost an awful lot of "green papers" no matter how you look at it! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  12. I had insurance on my younger guy for the first 3 years. It paid for itself the first year, what with all the shots and neutering, but after that, it cost more in premiums than just paying outright.

    Another thing to be aware of is that many policies do not cover old dogs. My plan stopped coverage on dogs over 9. They know older dogs are where all the bills/cancer come in, so they don't cover them. Read the fine print closely!

    1. That is so horrible that some don't cover older dogs! Thank you for letting us know about this. I will keep that in mind when I put Joker on pet insurance soon!

  13. We have insurance for Mollie and Alfie, it is a lot cheaper in the UK, for both pets costs us £20 which is very good as they are insured up to 1000's with medical bills. I'm not sure it would be so cheap for an older dog xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  14. Well, as there are so many pet health insurance plans available in the market so it's hard to decide the best one and in this case you need to first decide your requirement and budget for your dog insurance and then check for some suitable plan as well as reviews for the same and then buy an insurance for your dog.

  15. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting. Thanks and best of luck, Click here for best pet insurance for dogs


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