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Lovely Luna and CANDi

I have been thinking a lot about this post over the last week.  I wanted to do it justice and include all that should be included.  There were so many things I wanted to say and so many different emotions I was having.  PLEASE take the time to read it all the way through.  It's a very uplifting and inspiring story. I promise it will bring you to "happy" tears.

It was last Monday, March 18 that I first learned about Lovely Luna.  I was intrigued when a local pet store posted on Facebook that a dog named Luna was to arrive in Saratoga Springs, NY that night to settle in with her new family.  Where was she coming from?  What was her story?  I had to find out.  There was a link, and with this one click, I was swept up into Luna's journey, life today and the wonderful work of an organization called CANDi (Cats and Dogs International).

Tracey Buyce is a very talented professional photographer in Saratoga Springs. While she and her husband were vacationing in Mexico in 2011, Tracey witnessed, first hand, the countless animals that roam the streets in need of nutrition, medical care and love.  She had to help, and returned a few months later to volunteer at one of CANDi's (explained below)  spay/ neuter clinics.  Soon after, she signed on to become their official photographer.  This is how she found Luna.  In January of this year, Luna was starving, emaciated and roaming the streets in Mexico.  She was in desperate need of a veterinarian and someone to care for her.  Tracey convinced Luna's owners to surrender her, and Tracey found her the care she so deserved with a local veterinarian and CANDi.

I had never heard of CANDi until last week, and since then I have been brought to tears with the generous, caring and much needed work this organization does.  I have traveled myself to these destinations and seen the loads of dogs and cats that wander around, seemingly homeless and hungry.  It broke my heart.  I never knew a group was organized and doing something to help.  CANDi does just that.  They are on a mission to save the animals of Mexico and the Caribbean through controlling animal population, adoption and education.  They hold spay and neuter clinics.  They find loving and caring homes for animals in need, and the help educate people of this growing problem. CANDi is able to do this life saving work with donations from the public.  As little as $25.00 can save a dog's life, but any amount helps.  If donating money can't be done, spreading the word about CANDi's work would be much appreciated as well.  If you're like me, you may not have ever heard about them.  Let's change that!

Lovely Luna
Luna arrived at Albany International Airport  Monday, March 18 around 5:30.  Her foster dad from Mexico accompanied her on her trip to her new, excited family.  Along with her new family was Tracey Buyce, media and "Luna Lovers" that gathered to welcome Luna home. People had apparently known about Luna and fallen in love with her long before I was aware.  I followed Facebook closely that night.  I wanted to be up to speed with all of Luna's happenings.  It was a beautiful reunion between Tracey and Luna (Video clip HERE).  Tracey was the first to greet her.  Her new family was next and now consisted of a new mom and dad, 3 human siblings and a canine brother.  Luna had a lot to adjust to!  Well, I have followed her daily over the past week.  She has her own Facebook page so it makes my "Luna stalking" easier ;)!  If you're hooked, please follow along too!  This is where she has been dubbed "Lovely Luna".  I have to say, she is loved beyond belief!  Tracey is her Godmommy and dotes on her every chance she gets.  She took Luna for ice cream the other day!  Luna's mom updated her blog a few days ago and detailed just how Luna had been adjusting to the snow, the kids and her new life. ( Here is her post from January when she decided Luna was meant to be her next furbaby). Luna is doing exceptionally well.  To think where this little beauty was just 2 months ago.  It just proves what can be done when good, caring people join together with a common purpose.
Luna's foster dad saying goodbye in Albany (Courtesy of Lovely Luna's Facebook Page)

Luna's new mom, Tracey and Luna's foster dad in Albany (Courtesy of Lovely Luna's Facebook Page)

Luna today


  1. What a wonderfully sad and uplifting story Murray. We has some tears in our eyes, but are so happy for such a success story!

  2. Murray, thank you so much for sharing Luna's incredible story of hope.
    CANDi International's mission is to end the suffering of animals in Mexico and the Caribbean. Thank you for being a part of this grass roots movement for change.

  3. Very excellent post! It's amazing Luna could improve so much in just two months. I have traveled to Mexico and the Caribbean quite a bit in the past, and have to say that I've seen this sad plight of all the strays. I am happy you pointed out an organization working to fix the problem.

  4. Thank you Murray for the piece. Luna needs all the help she can get to keep on helping other dogs.

    It was a real pleasure to have Luna in our home and now she is a part of our family and owns a piece of our hearts.

  5. Ohhhhh doggie Glad to one of our fur buddies has found her forever home and family, never heard of Candi, thanks for the great post and the information!!

    Your Pals
    The Mad Scots

  6. 'Scuse me, I think we has something in our eye. Sniff sniff. I'm glad Luna found such a luverly furever home!

  7. THIS is an excellent story fur us to read at Easter Time. WE are so glad that LUNA has a furever home... and we hope that peeps will think before they buy Chicks Bunnies Kitties or Puppies.. fur Easter Presents.

  8. Wow, thank goodness she was rescued and found a good home. Those before pictures are horrific! Hope she has a wonderful, happy life now.
    Lynne x

  9. Ditto Dip. Thank goodness for such people. We hope Luna enjoys her new forever home. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. DittoDip and Molly!so glad there are people around to help Luna and so many like her. A new forever home...does not get much better than that.

  11. Wow, that is quite the story. We are so sad that Luna had to endure what she did, but oh so grateful for the good people who helped her.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. We are glad we read your post. Thank you for sharing this story!

  13. Wow, what a story- its a good there are so many great people to help needy doggies


  14. Oh, that is a FABulous story Murray!! I'm so glads she found her furever homes.

  15. How wonderful that these dogs where helped

    urban hounds

  16. Such an amazing rescue. We are so happy Luna got a second chance and will now live in a home where she's loved and can love in return. Bless everyone who had a hand in making this happen. Thank you.

  17. Our Lady needed kleenex after watching that. What a sad yet uplifting story! What a great organization! Lee and Phod

  18. Thanks for this post - it was worth our tears, because Luna found her new furever family (I'm so glad there was a happy end...) Thanks to CANDI for their great work !

  19. What a sweet story. There are so many people trying to make a difference. I remember years ago traveling in Mexico with my dog, Cisco. It seemed everywhere we went there were dogs (some purebred) roaming the streets, and everywhere we went someone tried to buy Cisco from us. It scared us a little, and she never left my side. We've been donating to relief efforts since then, but I hadn't heard of CANDi either.


  20. Murray, that was an incredible post. Thank goodness Luna now has a family to care and love her. CANDi is amazing. Thanks for sharing info about this.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  21. We are very glad that Luna has gotten the help she needed and is with a furever home now. Stopping by to wish you and your family a very Happy Easter! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  22. Hi Murray,

    Such a beautiful story, especially in this Easter season. Thank you for sharing. Luna is indeed very lovely, and CANDi sounds like an amazing organization. It really touched my heart to know so many good people are out there doing what they can to help the animals. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful story!

    Wishing you and yours a very joyful and Happy Easter! And I hope the Easter Bunny brought you lots of yummy treats!


    K (Suka's Mom)

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