Sunday, September 13, 2015

Seresto Year 2

Fleas and ticks are a HUGE problem where we live.  Ticks especially, are everywhere.  We have found once again in year two, that the Seresto collar works amazingly well, and it's super easy to use.  So much easier and cleaner than the liquid drop types of flea and tick products out there, which Murray had a skin reaction to.  Neither of my dogs had any kind of bad reaction to the collar.  Both of my guys are large dogs with heavy coats, and the collar fit and worked well.  We highly recommend!

Sportin my Seresto this summer


  1. We're VERY lucky that we don't have fleas or ticks around us. But SHE had horrible problems with fleas and flea allergies in pups in Sydney. So glad you found something that works.

  2. Ma was gonna try the Seresto too, butts she read that SOME doggies had seizures with them. Now, I thinks that can happen with any treatment, so she was just freakin' out for no reason! This is gonna be our next try if these current drops don't work. I can't take the pills or chews because they make me throw up. yuck! Right now, I'm on a combo of heartworm, flea drops. So far, so good. Butts, this is on my list if the drops stop working. So glads to hear they are working for you!
    Ruby ♥


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