Thursday, February 22, 2018

Compassionate Winter Wear

There are so many choices when purchasing winter wear other than wearing actual animals.  In this day and age, I would wish more companies felt the same.  By selling and promoting animal products, I feel all involved are completely turning a blind eye to animal welfare.  Companies, and their passionate protestors, have recently been in the news about coyote furs obtained via cruel leg traps (and various other harmful traps), which cause pain, trauma, the chewing off their own legs, and death.  Also in the news is the goose down that companies take painfully from live geese.  This is cruel, plain and simple.  Stealing from these innocent animals must end.  Please be a compassionate consumer and choose animal alternatives.

Faux Fur Is Comfy!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Common Sense...To Me

Without getting into the heated debate over more gun control vs more guns, I would just like to say whatever the root causes of our ongoing school violence in our country, I pray for a solution, and fast.  Period.  This topic, however, has brought to mind a bothersome related issue for me, and I'm sure for others as well.  It hasn't been a secret that studies have found, many times over, that animal abusers and violence against human life is very closely linked, yet convicted animal abusers are still able to purchase guns.  This makes no sense to me.  Investigators have reported that more than half of the people reigning down terror and violence in our schools have had a history of abusing animals. We have to wake up and pay attention to this. We have to make our children safer.  This seems like one common sense place we could help make a difference.  Stop allowing convicted animal abusers to EVER purchase guns.  I'm not claiming this to be the one grand solution.  I do believe it's a combination of factors that need to be addressed, but this would be a step.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I Thought I Was Ready But...

It's been a long time.  I thought I was ready to return to regular
posting after a very difficult ending to 2015.  I wasn't.  I didn't
realize that more turmoil would hit us only a month into 2016.  Our
household became consumed with grief, estates, family issues and
everything else that comes with sudden loss.  Everything that was not
a necessity in my life stopped.  It had to.  This blog was forgotten,
until now.  There was no time or energy for it.  Well, 2 years later
and I have a new outlook.  Big life events will do that to a person.
They change you.  The goal for me was to make that "change" as much of
a change for the better as humanly possible.  With that in mind, and
in rethinking this blog, I decided I wanted to head in a new direction
with my writing.  I still have a passion for dogs and all animals.
That will surely never change.  But now I think I want to take this
blog in a more socially impactful direction if possible.  I have no
idea how this will end up playing out, but I'd like to start
sharing/posting on topics that require greater attention and change in
the animal world.  I hope my faithful blog friends will appreciate
this change of course from me.  Please let me know.

Our now "angel" Piper

In other news, we sadly lost our beloved Piper in May of 2017 to
cancer.  He was his "full of life", happy self right up until the end.
One day he decided it was enough, we listened to him (and his very
skilled doctor) and helped our boy over Rainbow Bridge.  He is now and
forever out guardian guy.  Georgie has grown up and adjusted A LOT.
She's very smart and a very vocal girl lol.  Great Pyrenees love to
bark!  Murray is doing well.  We had a small scare with him a few
months ago when his doctor found he was losing blood platelets quite
fast with no explanation as to why.  With a lot of prayer, positivity
and antibiotics to treat what we deducted had to be a tick borne
disease as the culprit, his platelets are now back to normal.  We're
so very thankful.  So dare I say all is better in our lives.  We are
on the healing path and are feeling in a much more positive place
these days.  Thank you to all who kept us in your thoughts and
prayers.  They sure helped pull us through.



She Deserves Better